The Vitarian Diet by Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom

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YumNaturals Emporium - Bringing the Wisdom of Mother Nature to Life - The vitarian diet

The Vitarian Diet

Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom

A free idea in the public domain

The Vitarian diet is fruits and vegetables supplemented with raw cultured milk.

The Vitarian diet is a living foods (raw, uncooked) diet of fruits and vegetables supplemented with raw cultured milk* in the form of yogurt, cheese, kefir, kumis, sour cream, butter, etc.

Juiced vegetables like carrot, celery, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber and kale make a delicious soup. Heated to a maximum of 107 degrees F. It’s still a living food.

Raw homemade yogurt is the easiest dairy product to digest and it can be eaten with greens like kale, lettuce and arugula or with a non-sweet fruit salad of cucumbers (peeled if it has a hard skin) and tomatoes. *Raw dairy is controversial for vegans, strict fruitarians and paleos but it’s the only food that prevents tooth decay, provides a pre-digested form of protein to avoid muscle mass loss and weakness besides promoting a beneficial probiotic intestinal flora.

People who recommend the middle way of raw lacto-vegetarianism are: Bernard Jensen, Herbert Shelton, Norman Walker, Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, and Johnny Lovewisdom.

Veganism based on protein sources like nuts, seeds, beans and grains has been shown to block mineral absorption especially calcium leading to tooth decay and osteoporosis.

Vegans and raw vegan fruitarians lack a high quality source of vitamin D and A which raw dairy provides besides the calcium which also contributes to tooth decay.

Paleo diet enthusiasts turn a blind eye to the evidence that meat eating causes cancer and also osteoporosis and tooth decay due to the fact that meat contains excessive amounts of phosphorus that prevents calcium absorption.

Paleos must also deal with the inner uneasiness of silencing their own conscience about the morality of killing animals.

The raw lacto-vegetarian Vitarian diet is part of the hygienic school of healing along the lines of Bechamp, Bernard, Metchnikoff, Trall, Jennings, Graham and John Harvey Kellogg.

• The current conventional medical germ theory of Pasteur and Koch proposes that microorganisms are the specific cause of many ”infectious” diseases.

• Claude Bernard, a contemporary of Pasteur, proposed that the health of the individual was determined by their internal physiological environment. “The terrain is everything,” Bernard wrote, “the germ is nothing.”

• The brilliant French scientist Antoine Bechamp discovered that there were living organisms in our bodies called microzymas, which essentially form into healthy cells in the healthy body and morph into unhealthy cells when the terrain is less than ideal.

• Viruses and harmful bacteria, he found, are “formed” (pleomorphism) within us in adaptation to a toxic, unclean bodily environment.

• Bechamp, Bernard and Metchnikoff all believed in the physiological terrain theory as the cause of disease versus the germ theory of Pasteur and Koch.

• Elie Metchnikoff proved that white blood cells were fighting on the front lines against infection, whereas the accepted theory was that white blood cells provided an environment that aided the invading bacteria.

• His discovery shattered traditional conventions of medical science and won him the 1908 Nobel Prize for discovering the phagocytic white blood cell that consumes harmful microbes and toxic matter in the body.

• Metchnikoff drank a liquid containing millions of cholera bacteria and he didn’t get sick, then he gave it to a fellow scientist and he too did not get sick, but when he gave it to another person he became sick with cholera and nearly died.

• Metchnikoff wondered why, so he experimented and found that some probiotic or life supporting bacteria in the body are protective against harmful bacteria.

• Today because of Metchnikoff people all over the world consume probiotic bacteria in cultured yogurt which is helpful but better yet is using probiotic cultured, grass-fed milk that is not Pasteurized and only heated to around 100 degrees F. to make yogurt.

Johnny Lovewisdom coined the term Vitarian in the 1950s when he wrote his book Spiritualizing Dietetics ”Vitarianism.

E. H. Ruddock M.D. Ph.D in 1906 in Chicago published the book Vitalogy Encyclopedia of Health and Home.

In 1994 Pearl Jam released an album called Vitalogy and they got the title from this same turn of the century book.

Vitarian and vitarianism were invented by Johnny Lovewisdom but Vitalogy was a creation of E. H. Ruddock.

A quote from the book Vitalogy by E. H. Ruddock on the cause and cure of disease, “Impure blood is the cause of nearly all disease, for the natural powers will destroy disease germs that ‘find their way into the system if the blood is pure.

Eating too much is the chief cause of impure blood, next is the eating of improper and improperly cooked food.

Third is anger or violent thoughts of any kind, worry or depression. It has been scientifically demonstrated that anger poisons the blood both in men and in animals. Unwholesome thought as well as unwholesome food vitiates the blood.

The first step, therefore, toward attaining constant health (my notes: health means wholeness or holiness or spirituality) is to form habits of right thoughts, the second to eat sparingly of proper food, third to breathe deeply of pure air.”

1. Right thoughts, anger, depression, extreme fear poison the blood.

2. Right food, the Vitarian diet combined with fasting periodically.

3. Right breathing, living in a pure air environment and doing physical exercise like gardening, weight lifting, running to allow deep breathing.

I would add a number 4. Right sex because conservation of the sexual energy is the key feature of the Vitarian diet. For men this means conservation of the semen through the prevention of ejaculation by mind control and muscle contraction. For women it is harder, especially for younger women to control the loss of energy in menstruation.

Vitalogy by E. H. Ruddock was published before the Rockefeller/Carnegie funded “Flexner Report” of 1910, after which all the medical schools in the United States were converted from homeopathic, naturopathic medicine, to allopathic medicine, which was a German school of medicine that depended on the heavy use of drugs, vaccines, radical surgery, and long hospital stays. And that’s what we’ve got today, allopathic medicine, even though Naturopathic, nature cure medicine was by far the people’s choice over heroic radical surgery, toxic drug and injected vaccine potions and blood letting.

Don’t get me wrong, Allopathic medicine is the best way to treat acute skin lacerating and bone breaking injuries due to accidents or gunshot and knife wounds. I was healed by an M.D. when I cut my leg with a chainsaw. He sewed nerves back into place and I could have had an impaired walking ability if it weren’t for his surgical skills.

Traditional Asian healing arts such as Chinese medicine (2,200 years old) and Ayurveda (5,000 years old) have been highly developed over thousands of years of practical human experience by trial and error.

Allopathic medical research is only around 200 years old.

Naturopathic Medicine is over 125 years old.

Hippocrates of Kos was a Greek physician living from about 460 B.C. to 375 B.C. At a time when most people attributed sickness to superstition and/or the wrath of the gods, Hippocrates taught that all forms of disease had a natural cause. He established the first intellectually based school devoted to teaching the practice of medicine. For this reason, he is widely known as the “father of medicine.” Hippocrates used garlic for infections, wounds and intestinal disorders and this may be why he is often quoted as saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” although no written document from antiquity can confirm this.

Combine the Vitarian diet with paradise building or modern day homesteading i.e. home vegetable gardens and backyard fruit orchards and you have the jist of Johnny Lovewisdom’s life work.

The rest, i.e. the spiritual part comes naturally, intuitively as the natural living lifestyle reconnects you with your conscience.

Land. You need land to build paradise. Ask, beg or borrow but get land! Inheritance from family, rent to own, owner financing or as a last resort get a bank loan preferably from a smaller cooperative or community bank.

The desire to get rich or make lots of money to the worldly mind is a great, worthy ambition. The love of money is the root of all evil as the good book says. Being or wanting to be rich creates pride and superiority over other people i.e. id est “in other words” in Latin; arrogance, haughtyness, being in awe of the upper, ruling class with their palaces, mansions and marble monuments.

It’s not the simple life of the garden of Eden: paradise.

Riches and excess wealth brings decay, decadence, more problems.

Fame and being reknown, popular with many followers breeds envy, jealousy, hate, enmity, violence.

It’s all wrong; the way of the world and it’s values.

The Vitarian way is the way of paradise, the way of natural simplicity.

By Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom 

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