The Expiry Date Con

Yummy Doctor - The Expiry Date Con
Yummy Doctor - The Expiry Date Con
Yummy Doctor – The Expiry Date Con

The Expiry Date Con

The “Best By” or “Use By” date on a supplement label indicates how long a supplement is expected to last before its potency falls below 100% of the listed amount. Homeopathic remedies, spagyric tinctures or any alcohol based tinctures last for years or even decades and generally never rot. I have unique homeopathic remedies that I use again and again from over 15 years ago that are still vital and helpful. Labelling laws in some Countries encourage manufacturers put expiry dates on these products when generally, none are needed. The FDA does not require expiry dates on supplements. Rest assured, if you have such a remedy that is past the date on the product, it is irrelevant. Just make sure to properly store your remedies, away from heat, light, damp and strongly scented items, like essential oils. Over time, some of the potency can decrease if proper care is not heeded. This is good news for anyone on a tight budget, you can often pick up discounted items at health food stores that are close to or past their expiry dates. All the manufacturer should need to provide is the date of manufacturing. 

“Expired vitamins are safe to take. At the expiration date, the product should still contain 100% of the dietary supplement ingredients listed on the label2 as long as it is stored under the right conditions.” Source:

Dietary supplements are generally shelf stable (not perishable) products. When produced using good manufacturing practices and stored according to label recommendations, there is little risk that they would develop any unsafe attributes over time. In most cases, products are considered stable at full potency for two years from the manufacture date. Liquid supplements and probiotics are generally stable for one year past the expiration date. These more sensitive items should be kept in the fridge. You can tell with vitamin supplements if they have degraded when you open the bottle and inhale, the scent will be overwhelmingly strong and the pills or capsules will look discoloured.

To extend supplement potency even further, take out the amounts you need for a period of time and then store the rest in double-sealed plastic bags with desiccant packs at 40F in the fridge. To avoid condensation, bring them back to room temp before opening any sealed bag. With this process, if you find a sale on supplements you can stock up and store them in this manner to use in the future.

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Posted on January 19, 2023 by Yummy.Doctor