Your Own Perfect Medicine: Amandha Vollmer with Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network

Your Own Perfect Medicine: Amandha Vollmer with Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network

Video Overview

Amandha talks about Urine Therapy,  as well as one of the first products she designed – the DMSO hair regrowth product. In this video Amandha discusses how you can use DMSO and Urine Therapy for eye repair and treatment of any problems you may face with your eyes. By following instructions outlined in this video you may correct your eyes better than any other method. To purchase the DMSO hair regrowth spray and other amazing DMSO products you can visit

You may also purchase Amandha’s book Healing With DMSO at

Urine Therapy

In this video Amandha speaks on Shivambu, also known as urine therapy. This video will provide insight on how Urine Therapy works and the health benefits that come with it like hair regrowth, hair color and so much more!

Amandha discovered Urine Therapy through her research on ancient Indian knowledge that dates back over 5000 years. She discovered that the ancient Indian people used Urine Therapy practices to heal the body from many ailments. After experimenting with Urine Therapy, she could never forget the power that she discovered thus she found a passion too share Urine Therapy with as many as people as possible.

In this video Amandha explains how Urine Therapy can act as an antidote for any ailment and how your body manufactures urine that is designed for you perfectly. Also, Amandha speaks about how urine can be a powerful tool used to cleanse and detox the body through ingestion.

While watching this video you will learn how urine therapy can be used as a bowel cleanser and how ingesting it can encourage the cleansing and detoxification of the gut and the intestinal tract. Also, Amandha explains how Urine Therapy can help you have more energy, sleep better, and think clearly. Lastly, Amandha dives in on the topic of enemas mixed with urine therapy and its powerful and positive effects on the human body. You can learn how to mix your urine therapy with a coffee enema for amazing results!


Amandha discusses her strong beliefs on the virus theory, backed by years of her research and education. Also, Amandha speaks out on the truth about virus transfers and how it really does not work the way that many believe. Amandha discusses the science behind viruses and the problems she has found in the big pharma studies and how we are being lied to through manipulation.


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Posted on June 15, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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