Your Own Perfect Medicine: Amandha Vollmer with Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network

Your Own Perfect Medicine: Amandha Vollmer with Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network

Video Overview

Amandha talks about Urine Therapy, as well as one of the first products she designed – the DMSO hair regrowth product. In this video Amandha discusses how you can use DMSO and Urine Therapy for eye repair and treatment of any problems you may face with your eyes. By following instructions outlined in this video you may correct your eyes better than any other method.

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In this video, Amandha discusses Shivambu, also known as urine therapy, providing insights into its workings and the health benefits it offers, including hair regrowth, restoration of natural hair color, and much more.

Amandha’s exploration of urine therapy began with her research into ancient Indian practices dating back over 5000 years. She learned that ancient Indians utilized urine therapy to heal a wide range of ailments. After experimenting with urine therapy herself, she experienced its powerful effects firsthand and developed a passion for sharing it with as many people as possible.

Amandha explains that urine therapy can serve as a natural remedy for various conditions and highlights how the body produces urine that is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. She also discusses the role of urine as a potent detoxification tool when ingested.

Viewers will learn about the use of urine therapy as a method for cleansing the bowels and promoting the detoxification of the gut and intestinal tract. Amandha shares how urine therapy can enhance energy levels, improve sleep quality, and clarify thinking. Additionally, she delves into the combination of enemas and urine therapy, detailing the significant benefits of integrating urine therapy with a coffee enema for remarkable health improvements.

Furthermore, Amandha voices her strong opinions on the virus theory, underpinned by extensive research and education. She challenges the conventional understanding of virus transmission, critiquing the science behind viruses and highlighting discrepancies in pharmaceutical studies, suggesting that misinformation and manipulation are at play.

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