Supporting Detox in Today’s Toxic World with Amandha Vollmer (ADV) and Sascha Kalivoda – Sovereign Collective Podcast Ep. 47

Supporting Detox in Today’s Toxic World with Amandha Vollmer (ADV) and Sascha Kalivoda – Sovereign Collective Podcast Ep. 047


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In this Video Amandha Vollmer (ADV) talks about detoxification and the many ways we can support our bodies through a detox. Amandha also explains how going into a detox is beneficial for our health and well-being. Additionally, ADV talks about Urine therapy and Coffee enema’s, and how these practices can be powerful tools for detox. Amandha goes on to describe her experiences with these procedures and she share some amazing healing stories from people who have followed her advice on detoxification.
Additionally, Amandha explains that when we are sick or we have “the flu”, it is actually a natural part of our body’s healing and regeneration process – it is actually a good thing for us. She explains how we have been programmed to believe that when we are sick it is a negative thing when it is actually our bodies natural healing process. Furthermore, Amandha explains how this detox process works and what it is that our bodies are doing when this occurs.

Suppression Of Symptoms:

Amandha talks about the medical system and how they use allopathic medicine to suppress symptoms. Amandha also explains why the suppression of these symptoms actually goes against our body’s natural expression and that by suppressing the symptoms, the body doesn’t have a chance to heal. Therefore, the person with suppressed symptoms may believe in the moment that they have been healed when the disease or sickness has actually just been postponed. In time this causes issues to become worse and can cause further damage down the line. For this reason, Amandha stands against the medical system and she dedicates her work to helping people understand the real way to heal themselves. She encouragers people to look beyond the simple advice of their doctors and learn how to detox and heal themselves.

Vaccine Risk:

In this video, Amandha Vollmer speaks about vaccines and the risks of getting “The Thing”. Amandha also explains the many cases of vaccine injury and death, and she explains  why it is so important for people to know the truth about vaccines and how to detox from them. Additionally, Amandha explains how graphene oxide which is found in vaccines is dangerous and why people who have taken the thing should detox immediately! Amandha explains the key ways people can detox from the vaccine and from the heavy metals found within them.

If you found this interview helpful, please share with your communities. The more we take our lives back in all ways, starting with our health, the better off we will be and the brighter future we will create for future generations.


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Posted on September 12, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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