Amandha Vollmer Interviewed by Sean Deodat – Scientism and Germ Theory

Amandha Vollmer Interviewed by Sean Deodat – Scientism and Germ Theory

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Sean asked Amandha to breakdown the discussion from this MD here, who is probably one of the more intelligent of his bunch, his mind bouncing around in a hall of broken mirrors pinging around fraudulent germ theory, contagion myths, virus myths, and immune system myths and trying to make sense of someone’s detox responses to poisonings by blaming it on something that has never been isolated or proved to cause any disease (aka a virus).

The hosts of the video operate a sham “investigation” that is bound to go nowhere, run by controlled opposition and mind controlled/indoctrinated lawyers, virologists and microbiologists parroting the same dogmatic scientism and ego-massaging rhetoric that is “yawn” getting old (basically all a bunch of cookie-cutter Mikovits’s with rocks for brains), in their ignorance and cult brainwashing have permitted a fakery to stabilize as a general truth (because, of course, to them, truth is always wavering, there is no right and wrong, it’s all a grey area, right Marx?).

A massive lie supporting a FAKE coronavirus, a fairytale nightmare still being used to damage millions of people (for over 2 years and they still believe in their flimsy virus theory?! Are you THAT dumb? That blind? That NON-scientific?) I actually cringe at how purposefully ignorant they remain.

I know, as one myself, that doctors have to always learn, question and read, these fakers clearly do not), as they continue to con the entire world backing up its lies and propaganda with apologies and tip-toeing around the massive elephant in the room called pleomorphism, instead of exposing it into the light of pure, unwavering fact.

Sadly they are not on our side and we need to move forward educating people about the FALSE germ theory and how the terrain works. Amandha breaks down the verbiage of this brainwashed white-coat into common language and helps you understand why the “science” they are doing is not that at all, but an embarrassment to any logical free thinker, as they continue to feed the real plague upon this earth, ALL vaccines and big pharma murderous, suppressive magic-show drugs and “therapies”.

The Global (lol) Research Group is a sham and will get us nowhere but deeper into the same hole of fakery and lies. It’s time to be brave and break free from the illusions, unpack your conditioning and unearth your true awareness and power of WHO you are, WHERE you are and knowing thine enemy: those dark liars without integrity, too fearful to know or speak THE truth honestly, they would rather still play-pretend in their infantile sandbox than actually read the real evidence.

Welcome to the awakening. Free your mind from mental slavery. Expose the fakers and the liars. Free your minds from the lies of the germ theory. Understand pleomorphism, the somatid/microzyma cycle, and how labs merely grow damaged cells, remove their breakdown products, alter them through spinning, staining and drugging, and then pretend they are viruses. I feel so sorry for them.

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Posted on January 31, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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