Amandha Vollmer (ADV) Discusses Community Building with Chad Cameron and Chuck Williams

Amandha Vollmer (ADV) Discusses Community Building with Chad Cameron and Chuck Williams

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Amandha Vollmer (ADV) engages in a conversation with Chad Cameron and Chuck Williams about reimagining community building and enhancing relationships with Voluntaria. They envision a future centered on unity and liberty, where self-governance leads to a more joyful and liberated way of life. Chad and Chuck aim to create communities founded on voluntarism, natural law, and the principle of non-aggression, emphasizing the importance of cultivating positive interactions within these communities.

Amandha dives into the art of fostering relationships within genuinely cultured communities, highlighting the necessity of learning tools like the “four horsemen” to maintain healthy relationships and robust communities. She stresses teaching sound principles to empower self-governance.

The ultimate goal is freedom, with a focus on innovations like blockchain and cryptocurrency to ensure financial independence from traditional banking systems, underscoring the significance of having personal funds and assets.

Voluntaria Bio:

The birth of Voluntaria stemmed from an individual’s two-year experience in an intentional community, when he was introduced to voluntaryist ideology. While the community had many successful practices, there were certain aspects that did not function as effectively. Upon careful analysis of these shortcomings, it became evident that incorporating voluntaryist principles could rectify the issues. This realization marked the inception of Voluntaria. At the core of what we are calling Voluntaria is the individual. In our world view it is imparitive that the community comes after the individual’s needs are met. Any giving back should come from one’s surplus in life.

Considering that over 90% of intentional communities fail according to statistics, it begs the question: could voluntaryism, as the foundational philosophy, serve as the binding agent to sustain such a community? By embracing voluntaryist ideals like the non-aggression principle and natural law, is it possible to establish a philosophically sound community? We sure think so! With a solid foundation and the right individuals, we are creating an efficient and workable blueprint for communal living that we have not seen done before and we will be giving our template away.


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