Amandha Vollmer Interviewed by Sean Deodat – Scientism and Germ Theory

Amandha Vollmer Interviewed by Sean Deodat – Scientism and Germ Theory

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Sean asked Amandha to breakdown the discussion from this MD here, who is probably one of the more intelligent of his bunch, his mind bouncing around in a hall of broken mirrors pinging around fraudulent germ theory, contagion myths, virus myths, and immune system myths and trying to make sense of someone’s detox responses to poisonings by blaming it on something that has never been isolated or proved to cause any disease (aka a virus).

The video hosts engage in what is dubbed an “investigation,” which seems predestined to fail, guided by what appears to be a controlled opposition. This group includes professionals—lawyers, virologists, and microbiologists—whose viewpoints seem to be shaped by their indoctrination. They perpetuate a form of scientism, replete with self-congratulatory rhetoric that has grown monotonous. Their collective approach, marked by a striking lack of critical thinking, has allowed a falsehood to be embraced as a widespread truth. This irony is heightened by their flexible approach to truth, viewing it as variable and blurring the lines between right and wrong in a relativistic manner.

Their narrative endorses the belief in a fictional coronavirus, perpetuating a crisis that continues to affect millions after two years, despite the dubious foundation of their virus theory. Their persistence in ignorance is remarkable.

As a professional committed to lifelong learning, it is clear that these individuals lack this dedication. They bypass significant concepts like pleomorphism, choosing instead to skirt around it rather than acknowledging it as an undeniable truth.

Their hesitance to embrace factual accuracy suggests they are not true proponents of understanding. Instead, there is a pressing need to educate the public on the fallacies of germ theory and to introduce the principles of terrain theory. Amandha Vollmer demystifies complex terminology, challenging the so-called “science” they advocate, which undermines logical and independent thinking. Their approach exacerbates the real issues, including the problematic nature of vaccines and the adverse impacts of pharmaceuticals.

The portrayal of the Global Research Group suggests its ineffectiveness, potentially leading to further misinformation and deception. It is vital to confront these misconceptions, shedding light on our genuine potential and the dynamics at play, including identifying those who conceal the truth.

This call for awakening underscores the need to free our minds from false beliefs, especially regarding germ theory. It advocates for a deeper comprehension of pleomorphism and the body’s natural mechanisms, starkly contrasting with the manipulated narratives of virus research. This plea for empathy towards those caught in this web of deceit champions a collective shift towards enlightenment and truth.

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