The Wide Awake Show chats with Amandha Vollmer

The Wide Awake Show chats with Amandha Vollmer
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Rockefeller Medical System

On The Wide Awake Show, Amandha Vollmer talks about the Rockefeller Medical System and how this system suppresses any information about natural remedies and natural healing so that society can stay under its grasp.

Amanda explains why the Rockefeller Medical System was not founded to keep human beings healthy but rather it is the opposite and many people are not aware of it.

The suppression of symptoms through drugs and pharmaceutical measures is NOT the way that the body should be treated when there is an ailment and, in this video, Amandha explains why with her wealth of knowledge and years of research to support her opinion.


Amandha speaks about the healing powers of DMSO and how it can be used to help with a variety of ailments.

For example, Amandha is told about a friend who had suffered severe burns from a oil accident and she used aloe vera and it helped too make the pain more manageable but she still got blisters on her hands from the burn. Amandha believes that if she had of used DMSO on her burn it would not only take away most if not all of the pain from the injury but it would of also helped in keeping the hands from blistering.

Also, Amandha speaks about her own personal experiences with DMSO when she explains how it has helped her and her daughter in the past when they have had injury’s or accidents.


Ego and emotions are spoken about in this video, Amandha speaks about how important it is too keep your ego and emotions under control and the importance of recognizing when your ego and emotions have taken over your actions. Recognizing when you are being controlled by ego and emotions is the first step in taking control over them and not them taking control over you.

Also, Amandha talks about the different aspects of ego and being able to observe them in herself through the ways she communicates with different people etc.


Have you noticed that the weather has seemed strange in the last few years?

Amandha talks about why the weather has been so cloudy and grey lately and where many people think that the clouds are just natural and that its unlucky that there is less sun nowadays. Amandha knows the real truth and she is not afraid to speak about it.

Bioengineering and chemtrails are causing this weird weather and the clouds are being engineered to block out the sun.

Knowing this, Amandha talks about how we can free ourselves from the chemically created weather with the same technology that she herself uses called a cloud buster.

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Posted on July 1, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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