YumNaturals is a unique store, located in Minden Ontario Canada.

Trained as a naturopathic doctor and reiki master, I am a mother of a holistically reared 3 year old, enjoying creativity in all it’s forms. I love to wildcraft botanicals and blend health enhancing tisanes. I make alchemy in the kitchen with my skin care line, for healing of eczema, dry skin and rashes. I enjoy making ribbon wands for children to run and play with. My room scents are created to purify, shift energy and invoke joy. I teach parents how to use cloth diapers, why leg warmers are smart and practical for children and how to use medical jewelery instead of drugs for pain and inflammation.

We all have a unique, individual expression to bloom and this is my way of being in alignment with Source and Mother Earth, to walk my path, and share with you all these gifts and blessings. Thank you for supporting small business and holistic thinking.

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