Top YumNaturals Products for Men

YumNaturals Emporium - Bringing the Wisdom of Mother Nature to Life - Top YumNaturals Products for Men

1) Coconut mechanics soap
2) Dubh Whitening and Remineralizing Tooth Soap (removes plaque)
3) DMSO with Magnesium Topical
4) Colloidal Silver
5) MMS to activate when needed to assist detox (private product – email us for more info)
6) C- Boost (buffered vitamin C)
7) Potassium (protects the heart)
8) Tissue Salts (selected via astrological sun sign)
9) Niacin (blood support, prostate, and to prevent ED) 50 mg once a day with food
10) Pure DMSO
11) Arnica homeopathic and/or Peace Cream for pain/bleeding/bruising

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