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“There are no specific diseases only specific disease conditions” said the brilliant nurse Florence Nightingale. Through her keen sense of the observations of the sick, she knew there were no germs causing a disease. As it was the environment that led to symptoms, the lack of fresh air to remove gaseous waste from the room that made the patients worse. She also said, “Badly constructed houses do for the healthy what badly constructed hospitals do for the sick. Once insure that the air is stagnant, and sickness is certain to follow.”​

When the filter is incorrect, or the lens we are using is warped, the conclusions too, are incorrect. So when people think there are “new sets of symptoms” they are trained to think that is a “new disease”. This was done by the Rockefeller Medical cartel (creating disease characteristics) with the false germ theory at the helm. This was done to segregate and separate the knowledge of what really happens when our body wants to regulate. And when our bodies want to get back into homeostasis. They invented specific symptoms for “diseases”, labelling the symptoms as “bad” and the disease “real”. They then trained the MDs (and infiltrated our holistic medicine as well, NDs, DCs) to need a diagnosis just to be able to even think about what drug, treatment or suppressive therapy to administer.

Blinded by science, they are unable to look at a body and listen to the patient. And therefore, know what is wrong without testing or demanding a list of symptoms to match to a book. This is the modern medical paradigm and trap. The main problem with this is that not only is it in complete error to how the body functions. But also, it perpetuates the ignorance of both doctors and the patients. Many of whom cling to their diagnosis as if it were a crutch or a badge, staying in victimhood and feeling desperate and out-sourcing control to false authorities that simply prey upon them. This mind trap keeps everyone away from the truth, the empowerment and the freedom that terrain awareness can bring.

No one needs a diagnosis to witness signs and symptoms and figure out which organ systems are involved. When we understand there are no viral, bacterial, or fungal “causes”. Therefore, what we see are simply RESULTS and CORRECTIONS to an imbalance present in the system (toxins, cell communication problems, nutritional deficiencies, stress, pleomorphic cycles). And that the SYMPTOMS are the evidence of the correction, expression, and healing mechanisms in process. Then you realize there are no disease categories at all, as symptoms are not the disease. But they are the evidence of the correction of the root problem.

Keep in mind “science” (which has turned into politicized and weaponized consensus science) and it almost totally ignores the fact that “germs” are pleomorphic microzyma/protits/somatids and bleb from our blood and other cells. And they are in a 16 stage cycle (characterized by Gaston Naessens), use faulty testing methods (antibodies, antigens, via ELIZA, AGID, PCR, etc. Which simply test for our own DNA/RNA cell wastes or associated proteins produced in detox). And they ignore the pH connection, and electromagnetic field influences (5G, dirty electricity, WIFI exposure, etc.). They make wild leaps of broken logic. For an example, assuming antibodies, which are simply waste removal tools are specific, when they are not. Therefore, can never isolate any “virus” nor make it cause disease any any life at all.

When you also understand there are deeper purge triggers that are seasonal (change of seasons). Or cyclical in other ways science hasn’t even looked at. Depending on the chemical cocktail absorbed, eaten, and drank all the rest of the year the symptom picture will almost always change. This is because the symptoms are the methods of purification, removal, and rebalancing. The various chemicals and corrections will always have a varying add-mixture of symptom expression.

This will always be the case, it will usually change slightly from season to season. Only those trapped in the false germ theory paradigm will misunderstand what is happening in the body. And categorize the varying symptom display as a “new disease”. For example, in the pretend acute disease called Sars-2-Cov, which I have already shown is actually a testing pandemic jumped onto seasonal detox trends (usually called a flu). This testing pandemic is well explained in the following paper:

In order to correct the terrain, the body will produce a similar admixture of symptoms for acute expressions of wastes. For example congestion (mucus), acute inflammation, fever, stomach purge (vomiting), bowel expression, skin expression, lung expression, muscle aches, fatigue, change in heart rate, change in appetitive, loss of taste and smell to encourage fasting, etc.

For chronic disease, you will always see results of long-term poisoning, purging issues, and deficiency. Or in some cases excess states, chronic inflammation, swelling, breakdown of tissues on many levels, weakness of the system, deficiencies leading to hormone imbalances, electrical insufficiency and all the combinations of thus.

Just because this or that year is “harder” or “worse” or “different” should beg the question, what types of poisons have people been absorbing this year. And how has it led to the clever body having to figure out the best and safest route to eliminate them?

This is why it is VITAL that we toss out the germ theory hoax once and for all. And we can stop parading the lies we have been fed by evil drug lords and “professional” cartels. Remember how nature works and follow her lead.

“What cruel mistakes are sometimes made by benevolent men and women in matters of business about which they can know nothing and think they know a great deal.” ~ Florence Nightingale.

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Posted on April 20, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor