The Miasmatic Connection to Disease Expression: Leprosy Miasm Describing Current Detox Trends by ADV

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There are 4 original miasms which are chronic states of the life force of each being and dictates the direction of disease progression and its path of elimination (highlighting deficiencies).

These 4 are Sycosis, Syphilis, Psora and Tubercular.

The modern homeopaths added sub-categories to this list for more current disease expression patterns (namely Rajan Sankaran, under whom I studied) including Cancer, Typhoid and Acute (plus more).

Therefore, these are not contagious diseases but instead “disease states of being” that happen during poisoning or handed down from the poisoning through the lineage. They can link to the genetic or terrain predispositions of how one person handles a toxin over another terrain presentation. One example would be how someone has detoxification issues when they have MTHFR mutations. Or how when someone is vaccinated, the damage leads to specific expressions of the poisoning but may differ – some may form disease such as cancers, others have a syphilis breakdown state, others a TB state, etc.

In his book CANCER AND VACCINATION, Esculapius says:

“No candid and scientific inquirer who has read the works of such authorities as Doctors Creighton, Crookshank and Scott Tebb, can be surprised that an alarming increase in cancer is now evident. Those who adopt the brutal practice of calf-lymph vaccination are but too surely sowing the wind which they must inevitably reap as the whirlwind. Therefore, a whirlwind of corruption, disease and national deterioration where the so-called, human lymph is employed, syphilis, leprosy and tuberculosis follow in its train. Also, wherever calf-lymph is used, tuberculosis and cancer spread like a conflagration.

Sir Thomas Paget (M.D.), tells us that “the progress of vaccine infection in the blood shows us that a permanent morbid condition is established; in the tissues themselves”. Furthermore it is also established by this specific poison.

Dr. Benchetrit states that serums and vaccines “are principally responsible for the increase of those two really dangerous diseases, cancer and heart disease.”

Dr. F. P. Millard, prominent Osteopath of Toronto and President of the National League for Prevention of Spinal Curvature says: “Abolish vaccination, and you will cut the cancer death-rate in half.”

Mostly, the cancer does not always start immediately. It usually takes months or years for the poisons to degenerate enough tissue for a cancer to form.”

When we look into the LEPROSY miasm we will have the following states of being:

“This miasm is held to be responsible for many diseases of the nervous system, the blood and skeleton as well as a range of psychological disorders, including alcoholism, depression, suicidal impulses, insanity, loss of smell and taste<———-!!!, blindness, deafness and ulcerations. Also, It is also associated with many heart conditions, some vesicular skin eruptions and diseases that have a definite nocturnal periodicity. Chief remedies are Arsenicum, Aurum, Mercury, Phosphorus and Lycopodium, Nitric acid, amongst many others.”

Also, It makes sense that the current poisoning combination in miasmatic expression (which changes from season to season, hence why each “flu” disease season will have a different display dominance of the same array of symptom choices i.e. phlegm, fever, bowel activity, muscle aches, exhaustion, lung involvement, rashes, loss of taste and smell, dizziness, etc) be that of LEPROSY disease, due to the type of poisoning by the symptom evidence.

Therefore, simple remedies for rebalancing include the homeopathics above in the 30Ch potency. Melt 5 pellets in the mouth for 3 times a day for 3 days. Take a 3 day halt and repeat. Do this as many times as necessary for completion of cure.

Always with homeopathic protocols there is a proper food regime to follow for optimal success:

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Posted on April 17, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor