In Chinese Medicine, we understand that liver function controls the wei chi, the gates of the immune system at the skin level and expresses through the eyes. The physiology of the liver is monumental, controlling digestion, detoxification, storage and creation of essential vitamins and minerals, fats and blood products. Our livers filter the entire body’s blood volume every 3 minutes and 1,450 milliliters of blood circulate through the liver every minute (1).

In our modern world of toxins from air (chemtrails, smog), soil, food (gmo’s, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, other drugs), water (chlorine, fluoride, chemicals), vaccines, perfumes, dyes, heavy metals, radiation fall out, emf’s, stress, hormone imbalances, alcohol and drug use and the list goes on, our liver burden is astronomical. To imagine we would not develop health symptoms from an overburdened liver is a pipe dream. When the liver is overwhelmed it starts to task other vital organs, like the kidneys. It is a master gland and when one gland is underfunctioning it pulls on the other glands of the system for support.

Liver imbalances can lead to eczema, psoriasis, all sorts of skin issues, hormone problems, digestive challenges, constipation, auto-immune diseases, poor sight, blood deficiencies, emotional/mood disturbances, and on and on.

So in assisting our liver to reduce it’s work load, there are many things that you can do at home to assist:

I always inform my clients and customers that one simple thing we can do each morning is take a glass of pure water and squeeze into it one half of a fresh lemon and drink it, first thing. It tells the liver to prepare for a very strong meal so it makes a good amount of enzymes. When no food readily comes it uses those enzymes to clean up itself. It’s like a mini detox. Nothing goes to waste with our elegant and brilliant body’s.

One of my other most favourite liver and blood cleansers is coffee enemas. It’s easy to do at home and has many benefits. Here is a list of awesomeness from some of the best coffee makers, Bulletproof Coffee:

Coffee enemas,
-Clean and heal the colon…
-Detoxify the liver…
-Reduce many types of chronic pain…
-Help eliminate many parasites…
-Help with depression, confusion, and general tension…
-Increase mental clarity and energy levels, while reducing moodiness or anger…
-And much more…

Another wonderful liver detoxifying and tonifying method is the use of regular castor oil packs. About once a week or so (women, not on your moon time/menses) take some high quality organic castor oil, slather some over your liver (see image for location, right side of most people unless you have rare reverse organs) at the bottom of your rib cage, place a flannel cloth or old cotton cloth over top, place a hot water bottle over top of that and then wrap your abdomen in a big towel and lay down for 20 minutes with a book, meditation or a nap. 20 minutes is the perfect time to relieve liver congestion, over that time you are causing things to slow down again so it is not recommended (same with hot baths by the way, they are exhausting past 20 minutes). This is called the ‘dry method’ of castor oil use.

The wet method is stove top. Take castor oil in a pan with a piece of flannel and heat them together gently (on low), place over your abdomen and cover with a piece of plastic wrap, then a towel (to keep the heat in). I do not like using plastic at all so perhaps you could use a silicon mat or another substitution for this wet method approach. Same time frame.

When complete, for dry and wet methods, cleanse the skin with some baking soda and water or good glycerin soap and pat dry. The flannel can be stored in the fridge for up to a month for reuse. Be aware that castor oil stains cloths, so don’t wear that nights ball gown whilst doing one.

As well as healing the gut (sealing leaky gut, proper stomach pH, etc), taking targeted supplements, eating the correct foods for liver health, which I am not getting into here (for the hugeness of the topic), hazelwood medical jewellery has shown to support the upregulation of liver function. By wearing the hazelwood (responsibly grown in Quebec, Canada) on your skin, there is an interaction with it and aside from the known analgesic and antioxidant benefits, it seems to lift much of the liver enzyme backlog, and we have seen rapid improvement of skin ailments like eczema, joint problems, pain syndroms and digestive complaints. I carry a whole range of hazelwood medical jewellery for all ages HERE.

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Here’s to superbly functioning livers!

Blessings in health,

Amandha D Vollmer
BSc, Herbalist, Reiki Master,
Holistic Health Practitioner,
Degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine