I love when I can help families heal health challenges naturally.

Often I will get moms or grandmothers in the store asking about how to treat infant oral thrush holistically.

My protocol is as follows:

  • 2 sprays/or full droppers of colloidal silver twice daily in baby’s mouth, cleanse nipples before each nursing with silver also. Buy it here.
  • Secondary nipple cleanse with lavender essential oil in extra virgin olive oil or grape seed oil, let absorb before nursing. Buy it here.
  • High quality probiotics given both to baby (powder) and to apply onto nipples before nursing, twice daily in between colloidal silver treatments.

This treatment protocol is about 90% effective. It is 100% effective if the mother also balances out her food regime (refined sugar free, low fructose, high vegetable (ideally juicing), high quality fat and carbohydrates).

There is no need for harsh, suppressive pharmaceuticals. Most parents notice once a drug is removed, the thrush simply returns with a vengeance and the immune system has been further compromised by it.

Primarily, it is wise to support the body naturally to help the innate healing abilities do their fine work. Suppressive medicine is there as the last ditch effort, not the first step.


Amandha D Vollmer
BSc, Herbalist, Reiki Master,
Holistic Health Practitioner,
Degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine