How To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps For Better Air, Sleep And Mental Clarity

YumNaturals Emporium - Bringing the Wisdom of Mother Nature to Life - How To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps For Better Air, Sleep And Mental Clarity
YumNaturals Emporium - Bringing the Wisdom of Mother Nature to Life - How To Use Himalayan Salt Lamps For Better Air, Sleep And Mental Clarity

Himalayan crystal salt is the purest salt available on earth. Hence, why it is used a lot for salt lamps. Unlike chemically treated table salt, this pink crystal salt is uncontaminated with toxins or pollutants.

The Himalayan rock salt that you use for cooking has been touted as an effective agent for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. But did you know that Himalayan crystal salt can also help with things like headaches, allergies and even insomnia?

Health Benefits of Pink Salt

Himalayan crystal salt contains almost 100 trace minerals! Here are just some of the benefits of using this type of salt:
• It naturally regulates water in your body
• Promotes an alkaline pH in your cells, especially your brain
• Promotes sinus health
• Helps regulate sleep (insomnia)
• Supports respiratory health (especially asthma)
• Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
• Reduces the signs of aging
• Helps to generate hydroelectric energy in cells
• Helps with digestion by absorbing food particles in your intestinal tract
• Prevents muscle cramps
• Promotes bone strength
• Supporting your libido
• Promoting vascular health
• Helps regulate blood pressure (in conjunction with water)

Another big factor that scientists are only beginning to understand is the harmful effects caused by all the wireless networks that surround us day-in and day-out.

You have probably read articles or even seen on the news how researchers are now showing that wireless equipment such as cell phones, emit positive ions that create what is called “electronic smog” that’s wreaking havoc on our bodies.

In fact, every day our brains are exposed to 20 times as much electronic smog than it should, making it necessary for people to find a way to counter this bombardment.

And one of the best ways to counter this is by using Himalayan salt, which is a natural source of negative ions.

While eating Himalayan salt is helpful for many things, you need to use a different form to release negative ions that will attach to the positive ions in your environment.

When these negative ions attach to the positive ones they essentially neutralize them and the surrounding air becomes pure, almost sparkling like the feeling when you are at the beach or standing near waterfalls. It leaves you feeling positive and fresh.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

These beautiful lamps come in various sizes and depths of color (white, pink, orange, and red) depending on where they were mined, but they all do the same thing.

They are carved out to place a small light bulb in the bottom that not only supplies the light, but also heats up the salt, which is how it releases the negative ions.

Because the salt also attracts moisture from the environment, when it becomes humid the salt may glisten slightly as though it is wet, but it will evaporate easily through the heat of the light bulb.

The salt’s negative ions neutralize the positively charged ions in the air. You can expect the salt lamp to help eliminate electronic smog created by various wireless devices in the home.
Add a salt lamp to every room or at least the ones with the most pollutants (rooms with TVs, computers, wireless devices and allergens).

Apart from their obvious beauty, they will help keep your home smelling fresh and clean and your body healthy and strong.

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