How to Heal a Broken Hip without Surgery

Yummy Doctor - How to heal a broken hip

A broken “hip” in an elder is a very common occurrence in our culture, sadly. The standard diets & sedentary lifestyles cause chronic inflammation and nutrient deficiencies leading to brittle bones. Making things worse, our elders are almost all on one or many pharmaceutical drugs, depleting their nutrients even further.

I gave a talk to a group of 12 women over the age of 60 and asked them to raise their hands if they were on more than 3 pharmaceutical drugs. All but 1 of the 12 women raised their hands. This is a epidemic and a healthcare disaster, but it is the goal of the drug industry to have everyone buying their poisons and then feeding the system further when their bodies break down from the lack of care and drugging, like in a broken hip . The surgeries are big money for those industries but cost our health care millions of dollars in taxes.

A surgical option will always be there. It is ideal to treat first holistically and then make that decision in the future if there are compliance issues. Don’t feel pressured by the MD who forgot that the body heals itself and has nothing else to offer because they either have no clue or he or she is not allowed by their licensing body, owned by the very same industry interests.

There are huge risks to surgery. Hospitals are places of disease transmission: a staph infection is possible, as well as other complications. Having met and spoken with many a broken hip surgery victim, their quality of life is not very high. They have a shorter leg which impairs walking and they still have chronic pain, years later. The ‘hip’ also doesn’t last, which means if they survive it, they will have to risk the knife yet again. When I ask these elders if they are glad they had the surgery most of them report dissatisfaction.

A protocol that I recommend is below, but there are many routes to holistic healing, as we have in the natural, medical approach. Most of these recommendations are also advised for prevention of ailments such as a broken hip.

~One dose of Aconitum napellum homeopathic 30CH or 200CH, to clear the shock/trauma of the fall.
~Then Arnica montana homeopathic 30CH or higher 3-5 times a day (here is another excellent homeopathic protocol: and helpful website
~Topically I make a pain cream that assists also with repair, ( otherwise find another natural pain cream to use.
~Topical Zen magnesium spray, use fully at least twice a day. (

~Vitamin C (reduced & buffered ascorbate form) 2000mg 3 times a day. The Excell C is my recommendation, by Biomed.
~Zinc (liquid is best) with food 50mg twice a day. Picolinate form is fine. (
~Vitamin D3 with K2 5 drops twice a day. I use Genestra. (
~Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) 1000 mg (divides doses are best). (
~Vitamin A (in beta-carotene form) 15,000 I.U. of mixed carotenoids (
~Tissue salts (start with all 12, they come in one) 6 times a day. (
~MSM sulfur 1 tsp twice a day. (
~Omega 3 fatty acid, 2000 mg twice a day. Vegan or fish sources. Fermented is also helpful.
~A multi-mineral supplement that contains silicon, strontium, vanadium, phosphorus, copper and boron (boron is anti-inflammatory and 2mg a day is ideal).
~Botanicals for INTERNAL USE: for short term use only; take 30-45 drops of tincture 3-6 times/day. Oatstraw, Red Raspberry, Burdock, Alfalfa, Horsetail, Dandelion leaf, Chickweed, Nettle
~EXTERNAL USE: Chop and mash comfrey leaves and/or root. Add a tsp. of apple cider vinegar (increases blood circulation, decreasing stagnation), and apply as a paste over wound, with a warm towel or bandage to cover. An antiseptic such as echinacea or calendula tincture (diluted) should be applied first in the case of broken skin. Replace with fresh leaves or leaves soaked in vinegar as often as possible – 6 times/day preferably. Comfrey leaf and root tincture can be used in the same way if fresh herb is not available.

HIGH fat and protein diet, low carb, fresh vegetable juicing:
~Kale, spinach, arugula, organic grassfed yogurt or kefir, raw milk, sardines, flaxseeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds (always soaked, the chia seeds can go with Hibiscus flower water, which is excellent for the blood), grass-fed beef, swiss chard, almonds (soaked), avocados, black beans vegetable juices, orange juice, true oranges, lemons, bell peppers, kiwis, broccoli and asparagus. As well spirulina (put this into smoothies), moringa powder, maca root powder… consider other superfoods.

Acupuncture would also be advised as well, after the icing phase of a few weeks, castor oil packs for 20 minutes twice a day over the area. Ginger and turmeric capsules will help with pain and inflammation.

Furthermore, after the first few weeks, exercise will need to happen. Standing on a vibrational platform can also help a lot.

Also, a blend in a carrier oil of cypress essential oil, fir needle essential oil and helichrysum essential oil, these assist with broken hip bone healing. They can also be added in when the castor oil treatments are being done.

Additionally, there are therapies like TENS, electro-stim, molecular enhancers, bio-feedback machines (my favourite is Spooky 2) and on and on for vibrational therapies. Reiki, colour therapy, visualization, oxygen therapy… the list for healing the body goes on and on…

It is wise to educate yourself on the true options for healing which work on sound natural principles, rather than invasive, dangerous, ineffective methods that threaten the life force and natural healing progression of the brilliant body, which is far more than a dense physical machine.

Hope you enjoyed this healthy dose of truth.
Love, Amandha

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Posted on July 28, 2021 by Yummy.Doctor