Over a great number of years, I have been gathering knowledge and wisdom in preparation to write a book expressing spiritual fitness at it’s most ideal level. These are aspiration, goals, and deep truths. Please respect that this is copyrighted material and can only be copied with direct, written consent.
It can be shared, whole without request. Thank you and blessings.

Guidelines Toward a Path to Higher Awareness with Supreme Spiritual Fitness:

~Keep it Clean: Clean up your thoughts, food & water, speech, personal items, space. Respect both the inner and the outer realms. As above, so below, as below, so above. They reflect one another.

~Toss Away the Poverty Consciousness: You were born completely abundant. Affirm your protection in the pure Light of Love. Trust that when you need it, ask and it will be presented to you.

~Stop Doer-ism: It will never all get done. Affirm that you are already whole and complete. It is already perfectly aligned. You are already loved, there is nothing to prove. BE. Now listen within that BEing, then act.

~Egoic Agendas are Illusions: There is no agenda other than the One Agenda of the Pure Light of Love that you are. Your separate agendas come from the ego, which is under the delusion of separation. Let go of your wants again and again, the truth will return to you, again and again.

~Dump the Drama: The ego loves to waste time with petty dramas, ping-pong arguments and emotional moodiness. A wise person walks away from immature drama. Refuse to play that game.

~Speak your Truth, Even if it’s Ugly: In order to clear up an energy that is attempting to release, one must speak to it. For example, “I am feeling angry AND I am bringing compassion with me.” If you are afraid to speak because you are concerned that someone won’t like you, this is egoic. You do a great service to all when you speak your Truth in the moment. Fake nice, is just that, fake. Passive-aggressive behaviours create more chaos and turbulence. To be real is to be truthful. Then you will attract integrity to you, in all areas of your life.

~Take Full Responsibility: It is all your creation. There is no one or nothing to blame. Everything is merely your own projection coming from your holographic mind film reel. Own your junk so you can discard it. You can toss anything away you do not hold in your hands. Even if you think it has nothing to do with you, approach the matter ready to take full responsibility. It will let the ego back down and help the others involved do the same.

~You Always Hold a Mirror in Relationship: If something about another bothers YOU, then YOU have that as a part of you, too. It may be on a different section of your growth spirals, however it is there for you to consciously look at and reflect upon. Look to YOU first, not the ‘other’. In the Highest Truth, there is no other.

~Halt the Mind Tapes: Tell your hypothalamus directly to stop sending it’s neurochemical cascade. You are a mind-body-spirit-soul complex. You have the power to command your own systems. If your mind is going on and on about how someone did this or that to you, take control or step back from it. This is not the real you, it is an attempt from the ego to tire your resolve and make your mind a mess of muck. Go meditate if you can’t clear it via command or at least laugh at yourself for a while and walk away from the scene. Always deal with it.

~End the Shame/Blame/Guilt Triad: We learn mainly through the polarities of our experiences. Forgive yourself at every moment, if necessary. You are infinitely loved, in fact, you ARE Love. There is nothing in Truth to feel bad about. Stop hurting yourself. You are worthy. Mistakes are lessons. We are perfect within our imperfections.

~Bye Bye Excuses: “I did this because of that” or “I couldn’t do this because of that.” Uh-oh. Stop making excuses for your behaviour and perceived short comings. Use that energy instead to seek consciously for the reasons of your behaviour. Apologize if you think you have erred and move on. Everything has perfect timing. No pushing and no pulling. When it is the right time for something and you have set the intention for it to come to fruition, it will happen with ease. Ease is not laziness, ease is listening deeply.

These are only a few of the guidelines I have prepared, however it is something you can begin to contemplate, discuss, meditate on and apply in your life. When the truth is tested, the answers are clear and verifiable. When it comes from the false self, patterns rise to the surface and become predictable and thereby, avoidable. This is a path to wisdom, working in relationship with others and healthy community building.

This material is copyrighted but the total post can be shared via this website, intact and whole.

With Metta,


Amandha D Vollmer
BSc, Herbalist, Reiki Master,
Holistic Health Practitioner,
Degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine