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Well, it happened today. My 2 year old decided to touch the very, very hot rocket stove barrel with her little left hand. She climbed up on the bench to be with me, I saw her think it over for a second before she consciously decided to test if it was true what mommy said, that it would burn. It burned.

The very first thing I applied was her pink piggie ice pack while I ran to get the lavender essential oil, known to halt burns and soothe skin, as well as having antiseptic properties.

While she was icing I looked up a few homeopathic remedies from this list I found:

Homeopathic Remedies for Minor Burns/Scalds
Arnica: This is the most reknown first aid remedy in the alternative health world. Arnica is useful after any injury, but is especially noted for head injury such as a fall. In terms of burns, it reduces pain and swelling andit does well for preventing shock from the injury. A “burn remedy” can be applied after arnica if needed.

Cantharis: This is the number one burn remedy in homeopathy. Cantharis is well indicated for more serious (second and third degree) burns but can help with any burn situation. The injured person may be intense, restless and in a lot of pain. The burns will feel better with cold applications. It helps prevent and treat blistering brought on by burns, as well as relieves the smarting pain.

Causticum: This remedy helps most when the pain of the burn is very severe, and there are blisters forming. Unlike cantharis, the injured person will present as sad instead of restless. Pains are raw and sore. Causticum is also useful for older burns in which pain is still present, or for burns which have not properly healed.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum: This remedy is helpful for treating very sensitive and painful burns in people who are prone to infection. The person may feel extremely vulnerable and irritable, and may have chills or be very sensitive to cold.

Hypericum: This remedy is generally known for being useful for pain in the nerves. For burns, this is especially helpful if the pain is severe and the nerves are feeling sensitive. Along with the usual discomfort of burns, a shooting, stabbing pain may be felt in the injured area.

Phosphorus: This remedy is best indicated in cases of pain from electrical burn. Electrical burns always require medical attention, as the area may appear small on the surface but be quite large internally.

Urtica Urens: This remedy is useful for burns which continue to sting and smart after an extended period of time. It is often very useful for sunburn.

Source: http://riverflowhomeopathy.com/

I chose Cantharis 6CH since she said it still hurt and the ice was helping the pain. I gave her 2 doses a few minutes apart. I could see the redness and swelling retreating.

It can be an alarming thing when your first aid skills are tested and I am glad my training and the internet came to the rescue. Homeopathic remedies can be powerful tools to have on hand. I recommend a healthy amount of them in your first aid kit.

A more detailed homeopathic list for first aid can be found here:

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