Germ Warfare and Terrain Building

Have We All Been Tricked?

We have been tricked into believing that the world is populated by microscopic “bugs” that are out to make us sick or kill us. What if there is another way to look at the world that does not come with a whole lot of fear? Follow me for a glimpse into a new world of the terrain.

Like any query, you begin with little hints that something’s not right. Applying natural principles into situations where people have come to you imbalanced and ill. It is a benefit for the practitioner, it is an opportunity to learn, because it’s called “practice” for a reason.

You begin to collect data and experiences and responses to the application of your knowledge, and you hone your knowledge. By reading and research, you begin to really suspect that there is something fundamentally wrong with the germ theory. Also, there is real truth in terrain theory. You take homeopathic studies to the next level and begin to read about isopathy. Which is another way of treating the body and honoring an entire cell lineage not taught in medical school.

Main Stream Education

No one really taught us about it, even in naturopathic college. This cell lineage is polymorphic: a pleomorphic understanding of ourselves whereby living organisms change their shape based on their environment. Our red blood cells, have a membrane by which there are other cells that will emerge from it and change shape as needed by the body. Based on pH and the vibrational or ionic effects of the terrain – the solution in which the cells are in.

You cannot have two opposing beliefs in the same space. You begin to question what’s the chicken and what’s the egg of disease. Also, If we are finding microbes at the site of diseased tissue, it is just presumptuous to assume that they are the cause. Therefore, we must do good science and ask proper questions.
What if the terrain itself is the problem that begins the process into a pathological state where the tissues begin to degrade? If we study and pay attention to nature, we know that when things begin to break down such as microbes, fungus and all sorts of organisms break down molecules into finer debris, so that they can be reabsorbed by the soil and be made again into the elements of life.

This is happening in our terrain as well. If we keep this in mind we begin to learn more about these lineages inside our body like the progenitor lineage spoken of in isopathy. This changes the way we think and come to the conclusion that something is not right with the whole virus story and that it needs further study. 

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Posted on November 12, 2021 by Yummy.Doctor