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Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent; Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree.

Maxims of Commerce:
1. All men know the foundation of law and commerce exist in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
2. In commerce, truth is sovereign.
3. An un-rebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce.
4. An un-rebutted affidavit becomes a judgment in commerce.
5. All men are guaranteed a remedy by the due course of law. If a remedy does not exist or the existing remedy has been subverted, then one may create a remedy and endow it with credibility by expressing it in an affidavit.
6. All corporate government is based on commercial affidavits, contracts, liens, and distresses; hence governments cannot exercise the power to expunge commercial processes.

The decision to wear a mask is highly personal and should not be universally mandated; measures that are meant to protect the community are ineffective if they hurt individuals in that community.

1. Ontario’s world-renowned Sick Kid’s Hospital is well qualified to weigh in on these matters. In a recent peer-reviewed study conducted by two expert virologists, aided by twenty experts, the hospital has advised against social distancing and masking, saying that social distancing and masking import drastic psychological harm on children. [1a]

2. Though Health Canada, WHO (just changed their minds), and the CDC’s policy guidance encourages the use of face masks, there is substantial evidence showing that masks are harmful and a lack of evidence showing they are effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Studies show that wearing a face-covering reduces blood and tissue oxygenation — which can be deadly — while increasing carbon dioxide levels. Mask-wearing can also increase the risk of infection and the spread of viral illness, hinder detoxification that occurs via exhalation, impair the immune system, and cause many other ailments, both physical and emotional. Moreover, some masks have been found to contain known carcinogens, which put people at risk of inhaling toxic chemicals and having them come into contact with their skin.

3. Lawsuits are now being filed throughout the country (Constitution Lawyer Rocco Galati Files Claim Against Government for Covid-19 Unlawful Acts ) [1b] to challenge both the COVID narrative as well as mandatory masks. Despite evidence of harm and questionable evidence of benefit, fall 2020 school guidelines across the country are calling for mandatory masks. Public school systems are concerned that mask requirements in the classroom will spark even more legal battles. Sadly, Both Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Ford refuse to divulge the substance and source of their “medical advice”, and the media, including the CBC, are guilty of extraordinary censorship.

4. It is unethical and unconstitutional to force healthy citizens to abide by measures that can result in physical and emotional harm and that impinge on their ability to move freely throughout society without discrimination.

5. For those with deeply held religious beliefs, mask mandates violate their ability to abide by natural law and follow their convictions to walk in faith, not fear. As such, the decision to wear a mask is a highly personal one and should not be universally mandated; measures that are meant to protect the community as a whole are ineffective if they hurt individuals in that community.

Mandatory Masks Can Cause Considerable Harm and Are Not Proven Effective

6. Denis Rancourt a PHD and former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa wrote a paper he titled “Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID- 19 Social Policy” to discuss the science behind masks, why they don’t work and how society should handle this highly contentious issue moving forward. [1c]

7. Two experts, one an Occupational Health & Safety Specialist and Environmental & Occupational Toxicologist and 18yr military vet and the other, an Environmental Health & Safety professional and OSHA consultant, likewise report on health hazards associated with lack of oxygen from cloth masks not meeting established safety standards [1d]

8. Evidence that face masks reduce the transmission of viral respiratory infections within community settings is equivocal at best.[4],[5],[6] A recent meta-analysis of scientific literature, including 11 randomized, controlled trials and 10 observational studies, found that there was no clear clinical or laboratory-confirmed evidence that masks prevent infection.[7]

To the contrary, the study warned that facemasks “…may even increase transmission if they act as fomites [objects or materials that are likely to carry infection] or prompt other behaviours that transmit the virus such as face touching.”

This echoes World Health Organization (WHO) guidance published on January 29, 2020 titled, “Advice on the use of masks in the community, during home care and in healthcare settings in the context of the novel coronavirus (‎‎‎‎‎2019-nCoV)‎‎‎‎‎ outbreak.”[8]In it, the WHO says, “Wearing medical masks when not indicated may cause unnecessary cost, procurement burden and create a false sense of security that can lead to neglecting other essential measures such as hand hygiene practices.” Furthermore, the January 2020 WHO guidance stated, “Cloth (e.g., cotton or gauze) masks are not recommended under any circumstance.”

9. Cloth masks have been found to be particularly problematic,[9],[10],[11] and some masks have raised concerns because they’ve been treated with a registered pesticide.[12],[13] A British Medical Journal (BMJ) study published in April 2020 cautions against the use of cloth masks, citing “Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in an increased risk of infection.”[14] The WHO affirms increased infection risk with cloth masks in its latest June 5, 2020 guidance.[15] It based its guidance on an earlier BMJ study that found the penetration of particles to be 97% in the cloth mask group, with significantly higher rates of infection and influenza-like illness.[16]

10. A study on the CDC website that reviewed 10 different randomized clinical trials worldwide on highly infectious respiratory virus transmission found “no significant reduction” in “transmission with the use of face masks.”[17]

11. Dutch public health officials are unbending with respect to what they consider to be lack of scientific evidence on the efficacy of non-medical masks in limiting the spread of the novel coronavirus. On Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at a press conference, officials maintained the line they’ve adopted since March: “There’s no scientific evidence for the efficacy of non-medical masks.” The most recently published data supportive of masks has been in the form of preprints that haven’t yet undergone peer-review. [72],[73]

12. Given the lack of evidence for their use,[18],[19],[20],[21],[22],[23] and flip- flopping advice both against[24][25] and for their use by authoritative health agencies like the WHO, the increasing pressure to wear masks in public — and to be able to access basic services required to maintain one’s health, liberty and livelihood — constitutes an unnecessary power grab and means of controlling the population.
Even in communities that have mask exceptions for certain members of the population, those individuals are no longer allowed to fully participate in society because businesses are barring them or won’t provide services to them without a mask. It’s a breach of an individual’s privacy and autonomy to not be able to go into public without being discriminated against, and banning people from entering or participating in society because they don’t wear a mask violates their God given rights.

13. Although the government plays a role in controlling the spread of infectious illness, adults are responsible for their own health;[56] each person has the right to responsibly make choices about what precautions and perceived risks they take. It’s not incumbent on government officials to direct individual health decisions, and granting this power is dangerous. Individuals are much more qualified than public servants to weigh the risks and benefits of their own personal actions.

14. Public officials should not impose mandates to seek compliance. Mandates perpetuate the idea that individuals lack the moral or intellectual capacity to make sound decisions for themselves and their children, so the state needs to do it for them.[57] 15. Individuals are capable of making responsible decisions,[58] and those decisions must take a person’s whole health into account.

16. The health of the individual cannot be forsaken or sacrificed for the collective. We can only have a healthy society when that society is made up of healthy individuals.[59] Health is a personal right and responsibility. It is not something that we should look to the government to bestow on us or guarantee.

17. At-risk populations and those who are sick can self-isolate, and society should take the best care of them possible. However, healthy, law-abiding citizens should not be forced to take any precaution that can result in physical 65] and emotional harm[66] and that impinges on their constitutional rights; this includes the right to bodily autonomy, the right to move about freely, the right to participate in society and connect with others, and the right to be free from government intrusion. [67]

There are certainly myriads of other references, studies, and links that directly support and will stand the test of truth as enumerated below.

As such, please be advised that Notice of Warning Against Trespass has now been served on you, your agents, or representatives of any “office” or title behind which you act or sign your name or act in the capacity thereof. Should you, collectively or separately, or individually or as a man or woman, put your hand to paper and support orders or policies or recommendations that others may rely upon as advice, to restrict access, freedom of travel, enact by-laws, or any other form of enforced policies, regulations, legislation, orders, etc. regarding “social distancing”, mandated vaccinations, contact tracing in any form, quarantining of healthy men or women, forced testing, mandated masking, of right to consent, right to choose medical treatment, causing harm and trespass against me or my property, you will be held personally liable, culpable, negligent and accountable.

You are responsible to respond, rebut, refute all of the references and videos listed below, as evidence that you have performed your due diligence.

I reserve my right to act on behalf of others who may not have the ability to do so under threat of reprisals, job loss, under threats of fear, violence, or any other loss of liberty, who have been trespassed against and harmed by legislation, policies, orders or any other edicts, mandates specified or unspecified relating to COVID-19, coronavirus, by you or your actions as we move forward in time.

Furthermore, I will require proof that your insurance carrier and underwriters (both personally and professionally) have sufficient funds to provide for the financial compensation of each and every individual(s) that will file a claim against you the agency or institution you represent as may be the case.

Please guide yourself appropriately,



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Notice of First And Final Warning

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent; Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal

The Commercial Lien Process

A Common Law Commercial Lien is a process that any man or woman can employ in order to obtain lawful remedy from the actions of another man or woman who have – or have attempted to – or have conspired to – damage said man or woman in some way. Such wrongs are known as “torts”, and are the subject of Tort Law. This includes ‘harassment’, such as ‘threats with menaces’, which is considered to be ‘psychological damage’, and also ‘defamation of character’, which is also considered to ‘damage a reputation’. The reason for this is very simple: Since all are equal under the LAW, then each man or woman has a Duty of Care to each other, such as to make sure that – whatever action we take towards each other – we have the Common Law behind those actions, and thus can live together in peace.

Abrogating said Duty of Care is a CRIMINAL ACT, and constitutes a tort.

I believe that you have created a tort, or torts, against my being.

The Commercial Lien process is a construct of the Common Law (The Law-of-the-Land under God), and the entity doing business as Canada and is a Common Law jurisdiction (being, as it is, on Land and not on the seas as “Canada” has been defined). Thus any man or woman residing on this land is subject to the Common Law above all else. And that includes the individual(s), to whom this Notice is addressed.

The process comprises:

1. The subject of the harassment (myself in this case), will write a Statement of Truth (Affidavit), under penalty of perjury. This being the case, what I will write will be “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”, and will thus be based on first-hand knowledge.
2. You will be sent a copy of this Affidavit, comprising my allegations. You will have to REBUT EACH POINT in order to ward off the possibility of a Lien. You will be given 30 (thirty) days to do so, but I can assure you that you will not be able to rebut EVEN ONE SINGLE POINT. You will need to rebut by means of a sworn Affidavit of your own, written under the same criteria, namely: From first-hand knowledge, and under penalty of perjury.
3. Any points you manage to rebut will be removed from my allegations, and the remainder kept as my final Affidavit. The result will be Notarised (by a Notary Public) to become My Statement of Truth, which will not only become THE TRUTH, IN LAW – but will also become A JUDGMENT, IN LAW.
4. That being the case, no Hearing will be required. Because the judgment has already been made by the truth. (That’s Common Law!)
5. I will then place a Public Advertisement, warning whomsoever may be concerned, that your creditworthiness is henceforth highly suspect. I will inform Credit Reference Agencies to this effect. I would then be LAWFULLY ENTITLED TO SIEZE ANY OF YOUR PROPERTY, up to (and including) the value of the Lien.
6. This process will occur in a LAWFUL manner – because you are given the chance to REBUT IN SUBSTANCE – and I will thus retain entirely ‘clean hands’ (unlike yourselves, which is why your mechanism is UNLAWFUL, and why I am able to counter it by this LAWFUL means).
7. As footnotes, I should add that
a. Even if I make an honest mistake, WHICH YOU FAILED TO REBUT, my mistake BECOMES THE TRUTH, IN LAW. You will not be able to claim ‘libel’, ‘slander’, etc, because you were given thirty days to rebut the allegations, before public announcement.
b. By a failure to REBUT IN SUBSTANCE you would have tacitly acquiesced to my Statements as Truths, in Law.
c. REBUT IN SUBSTANCE does not comprise simply dismissing my allegations. That is mere gainsaying. “IN SUBSTANCE” means “accompanying with HARD proofs” (in this case, “to the contrary”).
8. As a part of the Lien, I will demand a substantial sum in recompense/settlement of the damages.
9. Being Common Law construct, the only way this Lien can be removed is:
a. By Full Payment … in which case I will remove it
b. The passage of 99 years
c. The verdict of a Jury of 12, deciding that the Lien should not have been imposed. But this will require YOU to take ME to a Court de Jure (Common Law Court) … whereupon I will be able to explain (to said Jury) exactly how you took actions which comprised the tort(s) against me WITHOUT ANY LAWFUL EXCUSE WHATSOEVER. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ASSUME THAT ANY JUDGE CAN REMOVE A LIEN. A JUDGE CAN NOT DO THAT, AND JUDGES KNOW THAT (because it is a Common Law, NOT A STATUTORY, process)
This was your last and final warning. If I receive one further communication from any of your Agents by means of mail, phone call, or knocks on my door, then I will undertake the Commercial Lien process against those individual(s) to whom this Notice is addressed.
That being the case, I suggest that you take full Notice of this Notice, and immediately cease & desist from your UNLAWFUL actions in respect of My Self. You will find, in the future, that you will need to contend with this Commercial Lien process more frequently as time goes on, and more people discover it. Now might be a very good time to find yourself a decent, honest, upright, honourable job – instead of the thoroughly despicable, dishonest, and downright FRAUDULENT one you currently get away with.
If you wanted an obligation from me, you should have requested it – before doing ANYTHING else. It’s far too late now. To carry on, under the gross mis-assumption that you have such an obligation, is simply CRIMINAL. And, if you persist, you will eventually pay very dearly.
Maxims of Commerce:
1. All men know the foundation of law and commerce exist in the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
2. In commerce, truth is sovereign.
3. An un-rebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce.
4. An un-rebutted affidavit becomes a judgment in commerce.
5. All men are guaranteed a remedy by the due course of law. If a remedy does not exist or the existing remedy has been subverted, then one may create a remedy and endow it with credibility by expressing it in an affidavit.
6. All corporate government is based on commercial affidavits, contracts, liens, and distresses; hence governments cannot exercise the power to expunge commercial processes.
7. (Include Fact that is not a lawful entity on land and there is no ) Canada: Canada, for greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada; (Canada)
Canadian waters
Canadian watersinclude the territorial sea of Canada and the internal waters of Canada; (eaux canadiennes)

Sincerely, without ill-will, frivolity or vexation,

<1>: of the <2> family, as commonly called, English Sovereign, and subject SOLEY to The Common Law under God.
Without any admission of any liability whatsoever, and with all Natural Indefeasible Rights reserved.

Make sure to:

Add your name properly as First Name of the Last Name family.

Sign the document(s).

Keep the original and SEND a photocopy.

Send it Registered Mail.

Take a photo of the letter sealed before it is sent.

Download and SAVE the signatory proof it was received through the Post Office.

The second document is sent only AFTER the first goes into default.

Please watch to learn more:

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