Of all the many scams by the fake health industry (medical cartel), one of the biggest I see is regarding the breast cancer false diagnosis. I have had many patients claiming there is a lump in their breast, usually women peri-menopausal and no one tells them it is a normal and natural change in breast tissue from menopausal hormone changes.

Instead of instructing woman to balance their hormones and detox their livers to support the breast changes, they are victimized by a medical cult that only sees profit from disease, screening, diagnosis and “treatment”.

I have helped many women clean up their bodies and return to me telling me their lump “went away” or their doctor gaslighted them, telling them they must not have had anything in the first place and it was “all in their heads” EVEN WITH THE SCANS TO PROVE THERE WAS A LUMP. The insanity continues so it is up to us to be aware of how dangerous these doctors are and to educate ourselves and stay away from their ignorance.



I have learned that women during peri-menopause can get many changes in their breasts, including the lymphatic system which leads to frozen shoulder and other pain syndromes. I will gear up for full teaching of what happens when the progesterone drops and there are unopposed xeno-estrogens in the body (in excess) and how to fix this naturally. In addition to storing wastes due to the congested liver, the unopposed estrogen can lead to man-boobs and also breast lumps of all sorts. Keep in mind that night sweats also can occur from hot flashes during peri-menopause. These symptoms can start as early as the mid-30s but usually, once a woman gets into her mid-40s.





Amandha D Vollmer
BSc, Herbalist, Reiki Master,
Holistic Health Practitioner,
Degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine