Where I start with autism is with metal detoxes and healing the gut. The protocol below is a basic starting program. Next is doing parasite cleanses. I also suggest testing for mutations like MTHFR, COMT, pathway issues such as sulfation, histamine and malabsorption issues of phenol and fructose.

This process of repair is much like a dance, there are many dancers involved with specific steps. It is important to start slow and work up, to keep a journal through the process and review it each week and as the body begins to take over, it may even be necessary to decrease certain levels of vitamins, for example B vitamins.

The methylation pathways must be activated, the gut repaired, the liver function optimized…then the sulfation will become normal, which is a down stream pathway. One thing has lead to another: the methylation doesn’t allow for metabolism of histamine which causes inflammation and the sulfation also doesn’t happen, both of these damage the gut, then fructose is not able to be used by the damaged gut tissue and then allergies continue on via the leaky gut. This becomes a viscous cycle. Avoid all vaccines like the plague, as vaccines contain disease, GIVE illness and protect from nothing.

Cod Liver Oil – fermented is tolerated, Kirkman company also has a good one.
https://yumnaturals.store/product/genestra-cod-liver-oil-forte/ 1 tsp a day with food

MMS/CDS – 2 activated drops in pure water 2-3 times a day – will have to go slow and work up.

Bentonite/Zeolite clay – 1 tsp a day, activated in water over night

Topical Zen Magnesium

Tissue Salts Melange – 4 pellets 5 times a day, melted in the mouth or in distilled water

Vitamin C – buffered – 1 scoop twice a day away from the MMS (at least an hour away)

Colloidal Silver 1/2 ounce twice a day for a child

L-glutamine (check tolerance first) 1 scoop a day in juice, smoothy, apple sauce, etc.

Probiotics (check tolerance) 1 capsule once a day after a meal

Digestive Enzyme (also use 50% apple cider vinegar before meals)

GAPS diet http://www.gapsdiet.com/gaps-full-diet.html (helps in some cases)

And eventually the psilocybin mushrooms that I will have in stock to rehab the brain.

Also the Pekana Drainage remedies for the liver and the stomach are good ideas too.


WHEN detoxing from parasites it is important to ROTATE treatments, changing every 2 weeks. Using say MMS, then Diatomaceous earth, then Bentonite clay, then oregano oil, then black walnut, then MSM sulfur, etc…parasites adapt so you need to always keep them on their toes. Also important are simple warm distilled water enemas to get rid of the critters.

Please also watch my video on this topic. Also research Kerri Rivera’s excellent work on this topic.

​With love

Amandha D Vollmer
BSc, Herbalist, Reiki Master,
Holistic Health Practitioner,
Degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine