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Yummy Mummy Emporium and Apothecary - Bringing the Wisdom of Mother Nature to Life - Amandha V, Vollmer BSc HHP Biography
Yummy Mummy Emporium and Apothecary - Bringing the Wisdom of Mother Nature to Life - Amandha V, Vollmer BSc HHP Biography

Amandha Vollmer

Amandha Dawn Vollmer holds a bachelor of science in Agricultural Biotechnology from the University of Lethbridge (2000) in Alberta, Canada and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine diploma from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (2008) in Toronto. She also has previous experience as a certified lab animal technician at the University of Alberta. Most of her life she has taken an interest in botanical medicine: self-educating on the topic many years before completing her training in naturopathic medicine. Having developed many of her extra senses with martial arts & dance, she realized a natural gift for sensing illness and a laying on of hands. She soon sought answers via the energetic healing arts and became a registered reiki practitioner & teacher, among other modalities. She had her first kundalini rising experience in 2000. 

​After much scholarly & independent study, her passion for the elegant and effective sub-molecular medicine known as homeopathy, brought her to study with the Bombay group in India under Rajan Sankaran. She also volunteered for a month long intensive medical program in Northern India shadowing cardiologists, obstetricians, ayurvendic practitioners and homeopathic doctors alike. Afterward she took a 10 day silent Vippassana retreat in the Himalayan mountains. Originally training to be a veterinarian, she took courses through the British Institute of Homeopathy for veterinary homeopathic medicine. During naturopathic college, she was certified both in IV (intra-venous) therapy and with Dr. David Leaf in Applied Kinesiology.

Always seeking knowledge and truth, Amandha soon realized deeper, hidden information which propelled her into continually active research in many varied topics including various forms of law, politics, history, religion and science.

Amandha has many interests including orthomolecular medicine, German new medicine, vibrational therapies, gemstone therapies, permaculture gardening, wildcrafting, crochet arts and the natural care of babies and children. She has almost 2 decades of vaccine research under her belt. She is a mother of a marvelous, high energy 6 year old.

She is currently writing a few books: “30 Days to Better Health”, which will assist people to make the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent and cure disease and co-authoring “Cracking the Cult Code” bringing awareness to of the ways the medical establishment is akin to a cult, avoiding real and lasting health solutions, instead using the media to sell people ideas that are far from the truth. 

She has assisted many to heal all kinds of acute & chronic diseases from early to end stages successfully with holistic principles since 2008. She is the proprietor of YumNaturals Emporium in Ontario, Canada where she supplies all natural solutions for detoxing and healing disease. She makes powerful herbal blends and has developed & designed an all natural, botanically infused body care line of creams, salves, oils that are extremely effective. She single-handedly makes over 100 small batched, powerful remedies found nowhere else. 

She is available for holistic health consultations anywhere in the world, distance reiki sessions, Rife machine services, cold laser treatments and more. To book a session from afar, send an email to and forms will be sent for you to fill out. Consults are booked on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm Eastern Time (ET). Some evening appointments are available, although they are primarily held for distance reiki. Telephone, Skype or Zoom are used for distance consults. Please refrain from long introductory emails, best to save that for the forms. Please respect Amandha’s time. 

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Amandha D Vollmer
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