I know many people are supporting the drugs that the controlled opposition is pushing on people, and I understand why, I understand that you care about what is going on and about people and for that we are in alignment and I support that in all that I am.

I promote natural remedies and not suppressive ones or ones that may do harm to the organs of the body.
I understand that a lot of people are so full of parasites that they may need these drugs (you know the ones I mean) from time to time, I totally understand there are appropriate suppressive or even cleansing uses for certain poisons in the correct context. I also understand that many are using the claim of these drugs to blame the quackzine pushers for their ignorance to other “therapies”. I also understand the “frontline” doctors are also pushing these drugs, however the full truth is where I will always strive for and teach:

1a) There is no convid as there are no viruses, the germ theory is false.

1b) The frontline doctors are also misguided as they believe in the new disease and therefore in a new disease treatment. They trust the fraudulent PCR test, they believe viruses and other germs cause disease, they have supported quackzines and other damaging drugs and erroneous therapies that are the 3rd leading cause of death in their systems, they are supremely misguided and misleading the public, either on purpose or in ignorance from indoctrination.

2) We do not support the pharmaceutical mega-complex by promoting more sales of their drugs.

3) We do not support suppression of the normal and natural detox process of the body.

4) There is no “new disease” therefore no treatment for the “new disease”.

5) Detox will need to be ongoing for the people who are poisoning themselves with the “new experiment” shots (because these damage their normal, natural detox processes) but I am encouraging natural detox methods that do not include pharmaceutical drugs made by our war enemies, Merck, Pfizer, and the like.

6) People will have parasites when they are toxic, as those parasites eat that waste (for example metals), there are proper ways to cleanse parasites while not doing damage to organ systems (like the kidneys, which determine longevity). My website Yummy.Doctor has natural suggestions.

7) I support truth and taking full responsibility for your own health, listening to the wisdom of nature and holistic principles for healing, continued learning and being open minded in personal growth so we can break free of this ongoing prison system that has enslaved us for hundreds of years.

Thank you for your careful, grounded and ever expanding awareness!

With love,


Amandha D Vollmer
BSc, Herbalist, Reiki Master,
Holistic Health Practitioner,
Degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine