You Can Heal From Any Disease. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

You Can Heal From Any Disease. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

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WARNING – Rated R for Language (sorry!) All disease can be healed. In this video, I answer what the point of no return is (generally) for healing and the lies you are sold in the doctor’s office. The orthodoxy is run akin to a cult so it is important not to become a victim of a profitable business model that is not interested in actually healing you.

One part I wanted to mention but didn’t in the video is the lie of genetics. Doctors will tell you it’s genetic so there is nothing you can do about it. Wrong. Epigenetics has taught us that the terrain environmental control of the membrane can affect the on/off switches of DNA…this means that as we can alter our terrains, we can alter our expression of certain proteins. This means the DNA does not have to be in charge.

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