UNDRIP – A Call to Action for Canadians and All Indigenous Peoples

UNDRIP – A Call to Action for Canadians and All Indigenous Peoples
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Embedded in UNDRIP are serious limitations it is praised for containing.
~Karen Engle

UNDRIP is, simply put, the Doctrine of discovery all over again ~Janice Switlo
https://www.ictinc.ca/blog/indigenous…​. It is the plan of the UN to take all the land away from not only all of the indigenous but from ALL OF US.

Paragraphs sub 2 and sub 3 of article 46 of UNDRIP threaten to function in the same way as the repugnancy clause.

Indigenous rights repugnancy clause http://caid.ca/RepClaCusLaw2009.pdf​

IT IS A TRICK. They are using the hopes and vulnerabilities of the Indigenous communities to bring in International law. The Liberals are using virtual signaling and “let pretend to do good for those poor people without running water” to intervene on a Nation it has been ignoring the plight of since Daddy Trudeau, who also worked to attempt to steal the land from the First Nations people. Good legal analysis is needed.

Think about denying a culture of their land, rights and freedoms for a long time, then making it look like you are giving it all back to them. What happens when you restrict something and then give it all back? Self destruction. What about people in poverty and they suddenly come into lots of money, like a lottery? How many of them destroy themselves with that?


External forms of self-determination are off the table for indigenous cultures, which means even though Indigenous nations have treaties that confirm and recognize Sovereignty by coming under section 35, they are actually giving up their sovereignty.

The UN does not define the term “indigenous”. Are indigenous people minorities? The UN states that minorities are not permitted self-determination.

The UN Member states will be able to dictate law, with THEIR definitions, a dangerous precedent.

I am sure the assertion is not what the ancestors were seeking.

The Indian Act does need adjustment, but how does UNDRIP alter it and improve it for the indigenous cultures?

If the Nation falls, which is the master UN plan (as they have named, many times publicly, the One World Order), then ALL the existing treaties will fall. All indigenous will lose their Sovereignty, COMPLETELY.

This will not get them clean, running water, and proper housing, it will merely add to their trauma and loss of cultural heritage.

UNDRIP also eschews cultural rights are outside the frame of human rights. This means cultural genocide is not human genocide. The devil is in the details.

The UN is actually the ENEMY. It is dangerous to allow FOREIGN law to supersede National law. This is how we have lost all sorts of trading rights under another scam called NAFTA and the Paris Accord. All slippery-slope methods for the One World Order takeover to sneak in. Centralization is dangerous.

Is it wise to give our own power away to an international authority? Especially when we see huge shifts of power happening ever since this CVnineteen Trojan horse began? The Great Reset from the World Economic Forum? The UN’s own Agenda 21/Agenda 2030? The language is the same here, sounds great on paper. In its depth, it is fancy language for a one-world takeover. What they really mean is they want less of us, want to restrict the way we live, all based on lies. I don’t know why more people don’t see how evil the UN is, but THEY should have been disbanded long ago.

Canada has also mistakenly agreed with UN 2030, under the guise of the fake climate change hoax which is here to restrict our use of all our natural resources. So what happens when a band wants to use a lake for fishing and the UN 2030 Charter steps in and says “Sorry, you cannot, as this is a protected lake under international law”, and their treaties are no longer able to be used to protect their freedom to fish?

For example this: https://www.international.gc.ca/world…​

Sounds nice right? It’s not. It is a pretty package only, wrapped inside is the most twisted evil anyone would have a hard time imagining.

Here is what they are really doing.

These are the facts. https://thenewamerican.com/un-agenda-…​ and https://steverotter.com/agenda-21-and…​ and http://idahoansagainstagenda21.weebly…

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Posted on March 18, 2021 by Yummy.Doctor

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