The Power of Tesla and Rife Machines with Amandha Vollmer (ADV) and Clive De Carle.

The Power of Tesla and Rife Machines with Amandha Vollmer (ADV) and Clive De Carle.
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Tesla & Rife Machines

In this video, Amandha Vollmer (ADV) talks about her Tesla and Rife machines. ADV explains how these machines help her to reduce inflammation flareups in the body and how they work to promote better energy levels, improved mood and overall health. Additionally, ADV explains how the bodies natural anti-inflammatory responses can be disturbed by multiple factors, such as lack of sleep, stress, diet etc.

Structured Water

Just like the Tesla and Rife Machines, water can change and tune your body depending on the way it is structured. In this video, ADV talks about how you can structure your water through various methods, and she talks about the benefits of drinking your structured waters. Additionally, Amandha explains the science and the research behind structured water, and the powerful healing properties structured water can hold.


In this video, ADV explains the importance of not only having and using a Tesla or Rife Machine but also understanding your own body and its deficiencies. ADV explains how she studies her body – what it needs regularly, and supplements required to clear up any deficiencies that she may have. Furthermore, ADV talks about up-regulation and how certain organs play a major role in specific parts of the body. For example, ADV explains how the liver controls the health of our eyes and our vision. Therefore, ADV explains how up-regulating and making sure our liver is in good health will benefit our eye sight, and can clear up problems we may be facing with the eyes.

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Posted on October 12, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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