The Power of DMSO: Walking the Narrow Path with Mark Attwood and Amandha Vollmer (ADV)

The Power of DMSO: By Dr Amandha Vollmer
Video Overview

In this Video Amandha Vollmer (ADV) talks about the power of DMSO. ADV shares how she came across this incredible substance and how she has used it over the years in her work and her craft. She explains why DMSO is so powerful and how it can be used for healing many pains related ailments. Furthermore, ADV tells us how she has used DMSO to heal her own body in times of emergency. Also, ADV believes that it Is essential for all people to have DMSO in their first aid kit as it can do incredible things such as preventing heart attacks. Additionally, ADV talks about her book Healing with DMSO and she explains her writing process and how we can use her book for our own learning and healing. ADV offers guidance on where to purchase her book as well as DMSO products.

Healing Power of Trees

In this video Amandha talks about the remarkable healing power within trees. Amandha also explains that by simply walking through the forest you can experience the healing benefits of DMSO from the air. Adv also talks about how DMSO and turpentine both originate from trees and she talks about the healing powers of both substances.

Pandemic and The World Agenda

Straying away from DMSO, Amandha and Mark discuss the global agenda and the pandemic. Amandha is invested in exposing the truth and sharing with her viewers the realities  about our earth the evil forces who run it. Amandha also talks about the pandemic which she calls it the “Plandemic”, as she believes it was planned and organized for various reasons including to decrease the population and dumb down the rest! Furthermore, It is also being used to control the general population through brainwashing, propaganda, and fear.


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Posted on July 23, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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