The Nature of Medicine Part 1 of 2 – Women’s Round Table with Amandha Vollmer, Henna Maria, Rinat Strahlhofer and Denby Sheather

The Nature of Medicine Part 1 of 2 – Women’s Round Table with Amandha Vollmer, Henna Maria, Rinat Strahlhofer and Denby Sheather
Video Overview

In this 2 part video, Amandha Vollmer (ADV) is joined by some of the most renowned women in modern day times to discuss a variety of important topics including 5G, Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory, Medicine (etc.)

First off, Amandha speaks about her experiences with many forms of medicine including vet care. Henna Maria speaks about the natural medicine field and how the modern medicine cartel is pushing licensing and regulation of natural medicine which in turn will cause the natural medicines to become synthetic and no better than the big pharma poison.

Furthermore, ADV speaks about the false Germ Theory and she explains her beliefs of why a germ is not the enemy. Additionally, ADV speaks from Terrain Theory ideology which explains that the germ is not the problem and suppression of the symptoms is not the answer. Moreover, ADV explains that the symptoms experienced are actually the body’s natural and normal functions to get to the REAL TRUE HEALING! Furthermore, ADV explains that when we suppress the symptoms the body cannot complete the healing process and get to the root cause of the problem inside the body that is causing the symptoms.

Finally, towards the end of the video the discussion is moved to 5G towers, as well as, the new 5G street lights. As many already know, the 5G towers that have been causing many problems with health and wellness of individuals near them is a huge problem today. Not only are the 5G towers a problem, but now they are devolving 5G powered street lights which will radiate these 5G waves right outside of our homes above our heads. This could be the cause of many problems as the 5G street lights will be way to close for comfort.

Learn more about these powerful Women:

Henna Maria has always been an advocate of human rights and Mother Nature. She is renowned as a boots-on-the-ground activist and passionate advocate for truth and medical freedom in her native Finland and around the world. Today she shares her life’s purpose in service to the ceremonial space using Indigenous medicines and explains why the “Neo Pharma” machine that is currently attempting to bastardize these ancient and sacred plant teachers under the guise of “spiritual healing”, is so detrimental to our health and sovereignty. Connect with her at

Rinat Strahlhofer is another powerhouse of a soul, an ex-telco marketing whizz whose primary focus is pioneering the exposure of EMF poisoning, but she also finds time to foster the establishment of several community projects such as home-schooling in Byron Bay and serving the global collective in her new role as the Australian host of Children’s Health Defence TV. To me, Rinat is the epitome of a mother on a mission; educated, grounded, and fiercely determined beyond her years to live the change she wishes to see in the world, and at a time where so many are either too busy or not bothered. Support her and the Wearenotsam team at:

Denby Sheather is a spiritual healer, mentor and hypnotic therapist. You can find her work at

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