Poverty Consciousness and Health Etiquette by Amandha Vollmer (ADV)

Poverty Consciousness and Health Etiquette by Amandha Vollmer (ADV)

Video Overview

In this video, Amandha Vollmer (ADV) delves into a broad spectrum of health-related topics, psychology, and societal mindsets. ADV discusses the prevalent programmed mindset, observing how individuals often swiftly deny, judge, and resist any information that contradicts their existing beliefs. She emphasizes the importance of approaching new information with an open mind to break free from our programmed perceptions.

Additionally, ADV shares insights gained from her extensive study and hands-on experience on various health matters. She explores the unique properties of water, illustrating how speaking to water and infusing it with energy can alter its structure to reflect the energy it receives. This understanding opens avenues for structuring water to meet our personal health needs and utilizing it as a tool for healing.

Towards the end of the video, ADV engages with her audience through a Q&A session, responding to an array of questions and comments on diverse topics.

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