Exciting news! I have a new machine that makes Hydrogen Gas (HHO, Brown’s Gas)! I have been having PHENOMENAL healing results with this machine, primarily for healing joints, tendons, muscles, cellulite, skin blemishes, lung complaints, and mood issues… If you are interested to learn more before I get to a video about it, I actually have negotiated a 10% off deal on these machines for you…

You go to this link: http://www.eagle-research.com/cms/node/4127

And on check out use the code: yummymummy

Corrupt and evil Health Canada has refused MMS/CDS into Canada, they sent me a letter stating that Chlorine Dioxide is a drug and is not allowed. Not only is this totally insane but it highlights the fact that Health Canada is merely an arm of the pharmaceutical industry and NOT at all here for the health and well being of the people.

Truehope vs Health Canada: https://www.truehope.com/about/winning-court-case

I am still working to find CDS water purification for you and I will release a video on the topic soon, so please subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the bell so you are notified of when this video is made. I would encourage all of you to research the making of CDS and make it yourselves and give it away! We must overcome ignorance and tyranny.

In the meanwhile, I will be making and selling 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for internal use and will do a video on this topic.

Sadly Activation Products has recalled all of their Oils and EASE Magnesium Sprays as well as the Ocean’s Alive because of price low-balling (which we never were involved in!) Unfortunately, this is not a wise business move for them on SO many levels, therefore I will not be restocking Activation Products again (disrespectful & careless companies do not get my business!) Instead I will be formulating my own Magnesium topical spray, so stay tuned for that, and sourcing other companies for the oils. So if you want the last of Activation Product items, GET THEM NOW!


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Posted on February 3, 2019

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