Natural Thyroid Health

Natural Thyroid Health

Video Overview
This was a live YouTube video presentation done tonight. Let’s deal with the thyroid today…

Product list:
50% DMSO with Natural Magnesium
Biomed Magnesium Bisglycinate
DMSO with Colloidal Silver
Biotics Research Liquid Iodine Forte
UNDA Tissue Salts – Melange
Bio-Ashwagandha Biotics Research
Biomed Clearizyme Proteolytic Enzyme
Pekana PSY-stabil Spagyric Homeopathic Oral Drops
Pekana Klifem Spagyric Drops
Pekana Apo-Hepat – Liver Support
Pekana Apo-STRUM Homeopathic Oral Drops
Clearing Stress Tisane Blend – Wildcrafted, Organic
Thyro-Calm Herbal Medicinal Tisane Blend
Biomed C-Boost Effervescent Drink Vitamin C
Biomed B-Complex

29:00 50% DMSO with Natural Magnesium
29:27 Biomed Magnesium Bisglycinate – 120 Capsules
37:41 50% DMSO with Natural Magensium
38:21 DMSO with Colloidal Silver
38:30 Biotics Research Liquid Iodine Forte
39:08 UNDA Tissue Salts – Melange
40:30 Bio-Ashwagandha Biotics Research
44:36 Biomed Clearizyme Proteolytic Enzyme
48:54 Pekana PSY-stabil Spagyric Homeopathic Oral Drops
49:40 Pekana Klifem Spagyric Drops – 50ml
50:00 Pekana Apo-Hepat – Liver Support
51:02 Pekana Apo-STRUM Homeopathic Oral Drops
51:54 Clearing Stress Tisane Blend – Wildcrafted, Organic
52:04 Thyro-Calm Herbal Medicinal Tisane Blend
53:41 Biomed C-Boost Effervescent Drink Vitamin C Mix 227 gm
54:10 Biomed B-Complex 60 capsules

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Posted on July 22, 2021 by Yummy.Doctor

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