Medicine Woman Amandha Vollmer | Ep. 68 Natural Freedom League

Medicine Woman Amandha Vollmer | Ep.68 Natural Freedom League – Hosted by John Roeland & Will Keller

Video Overview

In this video, The Medicine Woman Amandha Vollmer (ADV) has an in-depth discussion with John Roeland and Will Keller from Natural Freedom League on a number of topics including but not limited to the following:

  1. Education systems and corruption within college programs,
  2. A lack of ethics in medicine,
  3. The false science behind the pandemic,
  4. Regulation and licensing of naturopathic doctors,
  5. How regulation limits our freedoms and the ability to practice true natural and holistic healing.

Medicine Woman Amandha Vollmer (ADV) shares insights into her scientific background and her path to awakening that began early in her childhood and adolescent years. Initially, her journey took her through various educational and training programs, leading her to travel to several countries, including India, where she explored diverse methods and modalities of natural healing. Additionally, ADV discusses her training in genetically modified organisms, a mandatory component of her medical school curriculum. She also addresses her training in PCR tests and explains why they do not provide accurate information.

ADV delves into the “plandemic” and its impact on daily life, including how it affected her business. The challenges posed by “the handlers” during the pandemic forced her to close her physical store and transition to a private online business. Importantly, ADV shares strategies for reclaiming freedom, independence, and privacy—qualities often perceived falsely by many as guaranteed in their lives. She recounts the steps she took to liberate herself from external control exerted through contracts, legislation, and licensing.

Moreover, ADV reveals the true nature of “big” companies, their agendas, and their plans for global domination. Amidst the pressure from these malevolent forces, ADV highlights the emergence of individuals and groups, including herself, who are developing alternative systems to ensure people do not have to surrender their rights and freedoms. She emphasizes that, despite government systems appearing large and formidable, individual resistance can reveal their lack of power in the absence of public compliance.

We shouldn’t fear anything because fear is a vibe; It’s a frequency and it attracts more of the same” – Amandha D. Vollmer (ADV)

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