Medicine Woman Amandha Vollmer | Ep. 68 Natural Freedom League

Medicine Woman Amandha Vollmer | Ep.68 Natural Freedom League – Hosted by John Roeland & Will Keller
Video Overview

In this video, The Medicine Woman Amandha Vollmer (ADV) has an in-depth discussion with John Roeland and Will Keller from Natural Freedom League on a number of topics including but not limited to the following:

  1. Education systems and corruption within college programs,
  2. A lack of ethics in medicine,
  3. The false science behind the pandemic,
  4. Regulation and licensing of naturopathic doctors,
  5. How regulation limits our freedoms and the ability to practice true natural and holistic healing.
Education Systems and The False Science Behind the Plandemic

Medicine Woman ADV shares information regarding her background in science and her journey of awakening that started early in her childhood and adolescent years. At first, her journey lead her through multiple education and training programs, then she traveled to several countries including India where she learned a lot of different methods and modalities of natural healing. Second, ADV offers information about her experience and training in genetically modified organisms, which is a training that ADV was forced to take as part of her medical school curriculum, Additionally, ADV talks about being trained to do PCR tests and why they cannot be used to obtain accurate information.

How Regulation Limits our Freedoms and How to Escape the Control

ADV discusses the “plandemic” and its implications in our daily lives. For instance, she talks about how “the handlers” tried to harm her business during the pandemic. As a result, she had to close her store and adapt to offering her products and services, as a private online business. Most importantly, ADV shares some of the tools that we can use to regain our freedom and become independent and private. Unfortunately, freedom, independence and privacy all fall under a false perception that many of us believe we have in our lives. Therefore, ADV talks about what she did in her own life to escape the control from those who attempted to push contracts, legislation, and licensing upon her.

ADV exposes the truth about the “big” companies, their agendas, who they really are, and how they plan to gain massive control over the earth and its population. As a result of the pressure of these evil agendas, ADV talks about how there are many individuals and groups like her who have started to prepare new systems so that people will not be forced to give up their rights and freedoms. She talks about how government systems are perceived as large and powerful, but when you take a stand for yourself the way she has, anyone can see that their systems and agendas have no power without compliance.

“We shouldn’t fear anything because fear is a vibe; It’s a frequency and it attracts more of the same” – Amandha D. Vollmer (ADV)

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