King Hero’s Jam: Spirituality, Psychology and the Mandela Effect with Amandha Vollmer (ADV) and Beth Martens

King Hero’s Jam: Spirituality, Psychology and the Mandela Effect with Amandha Vollmer (ADV) and Beth Martens
Video Overview

In this Video, Amandha Vollmer (ADV) talks about spirituality and her beliefs on the topic. Additionally, ADV talks about the purpose for life and what she expects the afterlife to be. ADV faces life as an “earth school” and she explains how we are here to learn, grow, and be the best version of ourselves. Additionally, ADV talks about the 7 levels of heaven, God, angelic beings and masters.

Psychology and Behaviors

In this video Amandha Vollmer (ADV) talks about Psychology and how people behave. ADV explains how Psychology works and how it affects the way we remember things. Furthermore, ADV explains that if a person goes through a trauma sometimes, they will not remember the event as a defense mechanism, because our brains will do this to protect us from the trauma.

Mandela Effect

In this video, Amandha Vollmer (ADV) talks about the Mandela effect. ADV explains what the Mandela effect is and her own personal experiences with it. ADV explains how she can remember things such as the monopoly man with the monocle when he never has a monocle, this is the Mandela Effect. Additionally, ADV explains how the Mandela Effect ties in with psychology and why it may happen.


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Posted on October 4, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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