JCI 2021-06-17 with ADV: Doctors Kill

JCI 2021-06-17 with ADV: Doctors Kill

Video Overview

  • The best diet vs. the least Luciferian diet.
  • “Doctor” verses HEALER
  • The invisible chains of mental slavery.
  • Ego kills.
  • “I know someone who died!”
  • DOCTORS kill.
  • “Magnetic vaccines” examined.
  • How to survive in the era of COVID1984: HAVE A PLAN!
  • How to evangelize Truth.
  • – when the Blue Pill Normies “appeal to authority”.
  • How to have a courtroom mindset.
  • The need for discernment.
  • From Fauci to Cuomo: the coronahoax points toward Rome.
  • Mind control parasites?
  • Countering contagion.
  • — when the sick will heal THEMSELVES.
  • Pathogen propaganda.

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