Holistic Ways to Treat Mental Health and Depression: Amandha Vollmer (ADV) with Vinny B

Holistic Ways to Treat Mental Health and Depression: Amandha Vollmer (ADV) with Vinny B
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In this video, Amandha Vollmer (ADV) and Vinny B discuss various important topics with the main focus being ways to treat mental health and depression. ADV and Vinny B speak out about the high suicide rates in todays world and the suicide rates between men and women, with men having higher rates than women. Also, ADV explains why she believes that men struggle with mental health and how it stems from the stereotypes that have been put upon men and how these stereotypes can lead men down a road of poor mental health and depression. Vinny B addresses the fact that women tend to be more open and communicative towards their feelings which helps them release negative emotions. However, men speak out less about their personal issues and problems which can lead them to holding onto negative emotions.

ADV and Vinny B also talk about addiction and drug use in this video. ADV explains that some of the drugs especially the ones given by MD’s can be so addictive that it can even kill the patient if they try to quit the drug cold turkey. Also, ADV explains that drug use and addictions can create further mental health and depressive disorders as the addiction to said drug can cause a lot of issues in the patients life. Additionally, ADV explains that when people use things like drugs and alcohol to help cope with negative emotions and experiences they are still holding onto that emotion or trauma. Overall, the point ADV makes is that using drugs and alcohol is not the answer to coping with these things and there are better ways.

In continuation,

ADV describes some exercises in which you can deal with any held onto trauma resting in parts of your physical body through tapping. Additionally, ADV explains how to address the issue at hand in the moment through tapping certain meridian points on the body and acknowledging the problem you are facing. Together, ADV and Vinny B explain how this can work for you and how this exercise can help to clear up the negative emotions and trauma that you are holding onto.

ADV and Vinny B, discuss so many more topics in this video such as law, parenting, the climate change hoax, MD fraud, and more! Please take the time to watch this video and learn some key valuable information that will help you with your journey through life and continue creating new positive memories and experiences!

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Date: June 14th 2023

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