Healing with DMSO and Coffee Enemas: Amandha Vollmer with Daniel Roytas of the Humanley Podcast

Healing with DMSO and Coffee Enemas: Amandha Vollmer with Daniel Roytas of the Humanley Podcast
Video Overview
Healing With DMSO:

In this video Amandha talks about Coffee Enemas and DMSO and how we can combine them together for natural healing. DMSO is a pain reliever as well as a anti-inflammatory. It can be used topically or orally with the correct dilution. Amandha discusses the proper dilution and protocol when using DMSO. Amandha also talks about her book ‘Healing with DMSO’ and she explains her process of writing and publishing the book, as well as how she overcame the various challenges along the way. Additionally, Amandha talks about how DMSO is used in medical laboratories to keep organs frozen without damage and how it has been a suppressed substance and made hard to source by regulators. Amandha talks about how we can find DMSO when access is limited.

Coffee Enemas:

Amandha talks about the benefits of coffee enemas and some of the risks involved with doing them yourself. Amandha explains that there is no limit to the amount of coffee enemas you can do and that it really depends on the amount of toxins you are trying to eliminate from the body. For more serious issues, some people have completed up to five Coffee enemas in one day for a more rigorous detox. Coffee enemas can give a person a sense of euphoria – some people may even become addicted to them. Furthermore, Amandha explains the importance of knowing why you are doing an enema and warns against doing it only to chase the euphoric feeling. Finally, Amandha talks about what the body needs to support an enema, such as important supplements and following a specific diet.

Hydrogen Machine:

In this video Amandha talks about her Hydrogen Machine and how it works in healing the body. She explains, that when you use the hydrogen machine it corrects the PH level in your body. Additionally, Amandha talks about how having a good PH level in your body encourages natural healing.


Amandha talks about both dry and wet fasting and the effect it has on healing and cleansing the body. She talks about how to fast and also how to be safe about fasting. Amandha talks about how to support yourself and find a support person who will help to keep you on track through your fast. She also talks about the importance of not overdoing it as fasting can be dangerous when not completed properly.


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Posted on July 15, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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