This was a live FB chat where I talk about how to deal with gallbladder stones, the cause and that the liver and blood are the root cause.

Calculous cholecystitis is the most common, and usually less serious, type of acute cholecystitis. It accounts for around 95% of all cases. Calculous cholecystitis develops when the main opening to the gallbladder, called the cystic duct, gets blocked by a gallstone or by a substance known as biliary sludge.

Magnesium is vital for the relabalancing of this condition. It is not absorbed so well via the gut, this is why I prefer Doctor Yummy’s Zen magnesium for topical application.

Healing the liver and blood must occur, the viscous blood and damaged gut all contribute to this condition. Lifestyle is vital to its repair. Once removed, bile salts should be substituted and all sorts of preventative measures toward colon cancer employed.

To heal the associated leaky gut, see my video on this.

Product list:
Chanca piedra – Breakstone – Adeeva
Doctor Yummy’s ZEN Natural Magnesium
Biomed HeparPlex Liver Detox
Happy Body Organic Sulfur Crystals 99.9% Pure Premium MSM
Biotics Research Beta-Plus Gallbladder Support
MMS (private product – email us for more info)
UNDA Biotherapeutic Liver and Kidney Drainage Kit
Palma Christi GOLD and l’Originelle Organic Castor Oil
Amethyst Orgonite

13:51 Chanca piedra – Breakstone – Adeeva
14:47 Doctor Yummy’s ZEN Natural Magnesium
17:29 Biomed HeparPlex Liver Detox
19:41 Happy Body Organic Sulfur Crystals 99.9% Pure Premium MSM
29:03 Biotics Research Beta-Plus Gallbladder Support
35:37 MMS (private product – email us for more info)
36:25 UNDA Biotherapeutic Liver and Kidney Drainage Kit
36:53 Palma Christi GOLD and l’Originelle Organic Castor Oil
47:05 Amethyst Orgonite

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Posted on May 16, 2018 by Yummy.Doctor

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