Fasting and Liver Detoxification: A Short Video by Amandha Vollmer (ADV)

Fasting and Liver Detoxification: A Short Video by Amandha Vollmer (ADV)

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Amandha emphasizes the critical role of regular liver cleansing and rest in maintaining overall health. Cleansing can be achieved through various methods, and it’s essential to understand that detoxifying the liver helps eliminate numerous toxins from the body. Activities such as exercise, which induce sweating, contribute to liver health by aiding in the detoxification process. The liver acts as the body’s gatekeeper, determining the distribution of both harmful and beneficial substances we consume. Addressing common health issues like diabetes, metabolic syndromes, hormonal imbalances, and thyroid problems should begin with liver cleansing.

The constant exposure to pesticides and pharmaceuticals significantly burdens our livers, necessitating a conscious effort to mitigate factors that hinder its functionality and to actively maintain its health.

Additionally, our bodies require a type of rest beyond sleep, one that allows our internal organs, including the liver, to take a break. Regular fasting, akin to the routine of sleeping, involves dedicating days to consuming only water. This practice not only benefits the liver but enhances the health of all organs.

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