Crapola Virus Actual News – Being Poisoned Causes Flu, Not Viruses.

Crapola Virus Actual News – Being Poisoned Causes Flu, Not Viruses.
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A new law in the UK! They are trying to fool you! They want to forcible quarantine you during the flu season (detox season) with false-positive testing…we must RESIST!
You can be locked up based on a suspicion you have “coronavirus”.

Corona Arrest Powers Unleashed In England And The Hancock Link

The Spanish Flu was caused by vaccinations:

Swine Flu Expose:

About event 201

Duper’s Delight

Old News:

Fake News, The Real Liars and Pushers of False information

Actual False Information by people who benefit from peddling a vaccine to you:

The Virion:

Crazy spraying in China depriving people of even more fresh air:

Bye Bye Freedom

Annie Logical’s FB Page

Annie Logical’s Website:

Jon Rappaport:

Loads of “viruses” in the oceans, then why isn’t everything dead?

My Post on FB:

How are those vaccines working out for ya?

Blood Coiling (rouleaux) from EMFs

Problems with Carbon Monoxide

Leaky Incinerator in Canada

Please watch my other videos on this topic and the Germ Theory lie to educate you on what is going on with this UN Agenda FAKE pandemic to remove your rights, force vaccinate you, further test you, possibly microchip you and roll in their 5G toward their smart city infrastructure (all while culling the herd) as soon as they can. After all, they have a deadline!

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Posted on February 15, 2020 by Yummy.Doctor

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