Healthy Adenoids in Childhood – Don’t Cut Them Out!

Healthy Adenoids in Childhood – Don’t Cut Them Out!
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Healthy Adenoids in Childhood – Don’t Cut Them Out!

I had to make a quick video on this one. Save your children from this cutting scam. Share the knowledge.

Should you allow the surgeon to cut your child’s adenoids out? Oh hell no! And you haven’t fired your doctor yet? Take back your power and learn how to treat the adenoids properly.

Did you know that swelling of the adenoid tissue around age 7 or 8 is perfectly normal? That when tissue type is changing and inflammation is the name of the game?

Did you know that we are only having problems with adenoids today because vaccines damage them (same with tonsils)? Were you aware that the adenoids and tonsils are fine filters that communicate with the rest of the lymphatic system?

My Vapour Rub is available at, so is colloidal silver, Kali bichromium, and a good probiotic like Biomed 7 in 1. I always suggest topical magnesium before bed especially for children (bonus, it really alleviates growing pains). I make one called Zen Magnesium.

Don’t let those false heroes cut your children. Cutting leads to long term lymphatic diseases like lymphomas and white blood cell disorders as well as improper detoxification. Removing them can also cause nasal polyps, snoring, and sleep apnea.

Trust the body and learn to trust yourself!


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Posted on October 27, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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