Amandha Vollmer Expanded Consciousness and Human Biology with Earth Empath Christine Anderson

Amandha Vollmer Expanded Consciousness and Human Biology with Earth Empath Christine Anderson

Video Overview

Christine first came across Amandha Vollmer in late 2018 and felt a strong resonance with her work. Amanda Vollmer has a wealth of knowledge, her authentic spirited delivery of truth, and the beauty of finding the courage to be self reflective are human qualities which are truly admirable. In our talk she exposes her own vulnerabilities and shares her journey as a healing arts practitioner. When any human steps onto the path, seeking knowledge and truth, there are many challenges along the way; we explore some of these and what it takes to overcome the pitfalls and obstacles.

Amandha Vollmer shares a characteristic often observed in the most empathic people, they feel others’ pain so acutely which can often translate to a deep frustration that others can’t accept the help offered. Without the courage to do the necessary self-reflective work of looking within, this frustration can turn to anger. Amandha Vollmer candidly speaks of her own journey and what it means to reach a state of non-judgement and inner tranquility.

Amandha Vollmer and I dipped our toes into many subjects from flat Earth to how hormones and pheromones transfer information from one human to another. It’s an exciting field to investigate and could provide an answer for the question everyone asks when first confronting Terrain theory; “How do groups of people simultaneously get the same symptoms if it isn’t germs or viruses?”

Amandha Vollmer and I honestly think (and feel) we are on the verge of astounding new discoveries and that holistic science that will unlock this long-forbidden knowledge.

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Posted on March 10, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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