Amandha Vollmer: Detox, Health, Medical Cult, Spiritual Laws and Liberation

Amandha Vollmer: Detox, Health, Medical Cult, Spiritual Laws and Liberation

Video Overview

Matt Belair interviews Amandha Vollmer.

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Natural law and licensing bodies

The medical cult

Why we don’t have naturopathic doctors anymore

Why health Canada is a bully system

Where the word quack come from?

Why Dr. Pierre Theriault willingly relinquished his medical license

The generational long con

Self-worth through institutional herds

Engaging with the awakening process by processing the unconscious or not

Agenda 2030


Step #1 is health, diet, detox

Dr. Yuri Bezmonoz – doesn’t matter

Art as the last truth

What’s going on with “Reality TV”

Why the solution is always detox

Understanding there is a system and agenda

The creature to Jeckyll Island

The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenbury

Earth as a spiritual school

One of the mistakes we’ve made as a culture

Why everything you were told is a lie

The difference between knowing and thinking

Knowing is an invitation to a vibration

The power of Sound Healing and Therapy

Dr. Stefan Lanka’s work

How Dr. Stefan Lanka won a court case proving measles aren’t proved by a virus

What really makes you ill book

The two keys of health

  1. Toxicity
  2. Nutrition

Locating the organ responsible for the illness

Biology of Belief books

Amygdala Hijack


How societies are run like a cult

Magnesium deficiency

Be a leader of leaders

Why symptoms are good

You are meant to succeed

You have to trick you into consenting

The germ theory lie

WE are the precipice of a scientific revolution


Coming food shortage

The spiritual laws here

The more responsibility you get more keys to the system

The danger of hope

Why you have to save yourself

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Posted on June 18, 2021 by Yummy.Doctor

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