ADV, Yummy.Doctor Offers Solutions Using DMSO for Various Health Issues

ADV, Yummy.Doctor Offers Solutions Using DMSO for Various Health Issues
Video Overview
Vaccine Risk and Detoxification

Amandha talks about some of the serious health risks involved in getting a vaccine including micro-clotting and infertility. She also talks about the truth behind vaccines and how they are used to weaponize people and render women infertile. Therefore, based on her research she believes that a vaccinated person can affect an unvaccinated person simply by being around them. She believes that vaccines are harmful and she is determined to share her thoughts with her viewers. Furthermore, Amandha talks about micro-clotting that is produced by the heavy metals found in vaccines. Amandha discusses how to practice heavy metal detoxification. She also suggests that we integrate daily detoxing into our life in an effort to remedy the damage caused to our bodies by the heavy metals found in vaccinations.

Natural Remedies

Amandha answers many viewers’ questions relating to their health issues. Amandha shares a wide range of natural remedies using DMSO, which can be used to treat various health concerns. One of the main focuses in this video is how to use Urine Therapy, DMSO, and Enemas to detox the body of toxins and up-regulate the body. Also, Amandha explains the procedures when using certain protocols and how to perform them properly and safely.

Pet Care

In this video Amandha answers many questions about pet care and health. She also explains how you can help your pet naturally using DMSO products. She gives examples from her own experiences with her pets and how she has helped them recover from many problems in the past. Additionally, Amandha talks about the proper procedure for how to use DMSO for your pets’ safely and with the best results.

Healing With Your Intention

In this video Amandha talks about the power of the mind and how we can use our intention to cure ailments in ourselves and our pets. Additionally, Amandha explains how she used visualizations to help her cat with an abscess. Specifically, she tells the story of how she visualized a healing power going into her cat and how she used different stages of visualization and intention. Finally, after this procedure her cat felt better and recovered from the ailments within a matter of hours!

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Posted on July 6, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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