A Holistic Approach to Trauma | Amandha Vollmer with Richard Willett – Glitch in the Code

A Holistic Approach to Trauma | Amandha Vollmer with Richard Willett – Glitch in the Code

Video Overview

Digestion and The Gut
Amandha talks about the importance of keeping the gut in good function by eating well and making healthy choices. A healthy gut is so important because it serves as one of three thinking centers and when the gut is toxic and not detoxed regularly, we have trouble thinking properly. And when we are unable to think properly we struggle to deal with the trauma we are faced with and therefore we stay traumatized as a society.

Amandha discusses trauma on the scale of the Earth and how the elites use trauma too control society. When everybody is traumatized, it makes it easier to gain power and control over people.

Taking Responsibility
Responsibility is a huge piece in health and learning to understand why we get sick. Amandha talks about how people need to take responsibility for their own health and understand that when they are sick it is because of what they put into there bodies. If we learn to understand that we are traumatizing our bodies with things such as GMO foods, Sugar, and junk foods alike then we can make a change in our diets begin to detox and become healthier. We should also take responsibility and realize that we have allowed ourselves to face trauma and we have the power to change that.

Suppression and Changing History
How do you reprogram an entire society? You create Trauma, rewrite history and teach a false history to all the children and suppress the real history. You also kill off as many elders as possible so that they cannot tell the true versions of history too the children and you suppress, and suppress as much information as possible. Amandha talks about how this is happening in today’s world so that the elites can create a new world full of programed people through trauma.

Finding Joy
Amandha talks about the importance of finding joy in your life, she talks about the many examples in which she has found joy in her personal life and how it has made her life better. Finding peace and joy is so important for one’s emotional wellbeing and happiness in life and it can be as simple as going on a walk everyday and getting some sunlight. In this video Amandha will teach us how we can find joy in our lives and get rid of our trauma the same way she has.

“Your gut is your functional brain really, you have your brain, your heart brain, your gut brain so we have three thinking centers essentially”


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Posted on July 21, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor

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