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The cause of diabetes is THICK, TOXIC blood. This is from toxins from lifestyle (vaccines, pesticides, chemtrails, chronic stress, etc), diet (GMOs, trans fats, sugar), often inviting parasites as the root causes.

Most of the diabetes we are witnessing (about 90%) is Type 2, which is insulin resistance. Type 1, the body has not made enough insulin. Type 3 is a mixture of both types.

Insulin brings glucose into our cells, so it can be used as energy. In type 2, the cell refuses to open to the incoming glucose. The type of sugar that is being offered is seen as a toxin by the cell and the cell says, no thanks because it is trying to protect itself.

The brain also makes insulin (not just the pancreas) and uses about 25% of the body’s insulin levels. People with diabetes are 50% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease, as the cells of the brain are resistant to insulin, over time plaques develop in the brain from the chronic inflammation.

Excess glucose oxidizes and damages cells. Excess glucose (sugar) in the blood is therefore toxic.

In the 1930’s we saw 1000% increase in this disease, a literal epidemic. During WW1 they created Crisco which is a synthetic fat. This was the first clue that toxicity is the cause of diabetes. But guess what? White sugar & high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are also toxins to the body, they are pro-inflammatory and decrease cell communication and function (which decreases the body’s ability to detox aka depressed what they call immune function). So yes, sugar/HFCS is a cause of diabetes and what is even worse is people then switch to synthetic sugar substitutes, like Splenda or Nutrasweet which add even more to the toxicity of the body as well as damage brain cells (excito-toxic effects).

The blood is thick and unhealthy in diabetes, it’s clumping, not flowing or working properly. The body is then in chronic inflammation. This is what causes the joint issues in diabetics. All the symptoms seen in diabetes are adaptations to this problem within the blood. Cortisol is anti-inflammatory which now the body needs more of. The body needs cholesterol to make cortisol, so this is the hypercholesterolemia we also see in diabetics. Cortisol increases the body’s need for sugar, the heart rate also rises in response, so does the blood pressure. So sugar will rise in the blood as an adaptation. Sugar is both a cause AND an effect in diabetics. Is the blood in the digestive organs when a meal is taken now? No, because the body is stuck in sympathetic dominance. This exacerbates the problem, decreasing nutrient absorption and increasing inflammation and cell damage.

One of the main issues we are seeing in modern health care is that people are missing the fact that the body is intelligent. They see every symptom as pathology, rather than it adapting to keep the body alive. We keep missing the main, and frankly most obvious causes of disease conditions, which are toxicity, lack of nutrients, and chronic inflammation, as well as chronic stress. Instead of detoxing and nourishing the body, more toxicity is added, in the form of drugs, which can never heal anything.

In fact, drugs can also cause diabetes, specifically blood pressure medication. If you take a drug to lower blood pressure, according to the British Medical Journal (BMJ) by 9% you have a 19% increase in death and if you lower it 14% you have a 43% increased rate of cardiovascular death. Adding more burden to an already over-burdened system that is compensating to keep the body alive, drugging it, which messes with its natural preservation mechanisms, will always worsen outcomes. This is just common medical sense that most MDs no longer seem to have.

The resolution of this disease state is detoxing, destressing (try breathing exercises and movement!) and nourishing the body.

Fix the blood, you fix diabetes.

Scientific evidence that vaccines cause diabetes:

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Posted on Feburary 22, 2022 by Yummy.Doctor